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tv   Today  NBC  July 7, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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good morning, breaking news. just moments ago, a judge issued a sentence to casey anthony for lying for investigators. it could mean she's going home very soon. we're live in orlando. new low, britain's phone hacking scandal, a top-selling newspapers accused of listens to voice mails, celebrities, murder victims and now even the widows of soldiers, charges the prime minister calls. and a grizzly attack, a hiker mauled to death inside yellowstone park.
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the first fatalities within 25 years. parts of the park are closed as official try to figure out why it happened, thursday, july official try to figure out why it happened, thursday, july 11th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television thursday morning. i'm ann curry. >> i'm davp >> i'm david g matt today. tr the bottp the bottth hrher thp her ther the h p of the four misdemeanor c sshep she faced,she f yearp years, byears, but sh earearly as yearp years, byears, but sh earearly a the ends of the month, considering her good behavior while in prison, but could it be sooner than that? we're going to break down the decision in a moment with
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savannah guthrie and star jones. we'll also hear from the anthonys' attorney as well, but first right to kerry sanders outside the courtroom. he's been covering the case from the beginning. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: ann, instead she could leave. i think she could leave today. that's because of the way the system has worked with gain time and good behavior time. an inmate gets five days a month for good behavior, and then another five days a month for working. now, she was not given the opportunity to go out like other inmates and pick litter, but she's still given that opportunity to get those five days if she is in the jail and not causing problems. the judge will be an expert on this, and he will return his word in about an hour, but it looks like they're working right
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now though determine how many days action if any, she'll go back to the jail and spend time in there. it's important to note for a period of time they closed the road here in front of the courthouse. the real question is, how do you release her into the community safely? so that is part of what i believe is the overall question here of casey anthony walking out, whether it is today or in a few weeks from now. one of the biggest questions is, will she go home? i don't think so. of course, remember, she and her daughter caylee lived in that home on hope spring drive with george and cindy anthony, but of course she, during this trial, accused her father of sexually molesting her, and there at times was very harsh glares between them in the courtroom. and so if she is released, this is a woman who has, at the time,
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just a few dollars in a commissary account in the bank at the jail. where does she go? that's up to her attorneys to help her move forward at that point. it's unlikely -- unlikely she would remain here in orange county, if for no other reason because of the emotions in the community. as the judge was in the courtroom today, discussing how he was going to work out her sentence outside about 100 people, 75 people gathered here holding signs. one of them took a piece of duct tape and put it across their nose and mouth in protest, of course, of what the prosecution claimed all along was that casee anthony placed three pieces of duct tape across her daughter's nose and mouth, and suffocated her, killing her. ann? >> kerry sanders, thank you so much for reporting on this story. it's not 7:04 pacific time. >> now here's david.
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sat vanna gustry and marsha clark is also here. good morning to all of you. savannah, let me start with you, kerry sanders mentioned by his class, she could be out as early today. there's something vague about this. she got four years, but she's already served time. >> what's interesting about it, number one, let's make it clear, the judge maxed her out. the maximum penalty he could give her he did. she's already served three years. in florida you get credit for time served. there was some suspension here earlier in the morning, because she had a fraud conviction and was sentenced to time served on that, so people were wondering, would the judge count that 18 months toward time served for this conviction as well? the answer appears to be yes. my guess is the judge, perhaps even with help from the department of corrections has already done some calculations back in chambers. he indicated he thinks it's probably july or august she gets
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out, but he wants to crunch the numbers before giving an ultimate decision. >> what's clear, star, is the jury spoke, acquitted her on the murder, but this was a judge who said, look, they also spoke on these counts, four lies that led investigators down a bunch of dead ends, lies by her that cost the state money and time and embarrassment and all the rest. something of a victory for the state today. >> very much so. also i think it telegraphed to casey, because of her lies, law enforcement was not able to actually get whatever evidence they would have had she told the truth about the disappearance of her daughter way back when she disappeared in july. i think what the judge wanted to also telegraph was, miss young lady, i don't appreciate these lies, and they're devastating to our law enforcement community and you're going to pay for that. >> because people think lying to a police officer is a victimless
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crime. no, the victim is the truth, and truth is the engine of the criminal justice system. had she told the truth about what had happened to the daughter, that child would not be sitting in the woods for six months where all that key evidence was lost and now we'll never know for certain what happened or how she died. >> let me bring in marcia clark from los angeles. i think a couple things come to anyone. one is you've been in the unfortunate experience of dealing with the recriminations from the public and media, after failing to win a conviction in a high-profile case, the o.j. simpson case. how much of that are we in the middle of with this result? >> i think there is some amount. i can say is with some certainly, having been on a lot of shows, prior to the verdict, a great number of people were saying what a wonderful job the prosecution did, how powerful
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the closing arguments, only to turn on a dime after the verdict came in, saying they overreached and put on junk science, overtried the case, all offered as flaws in the prosecution to explain why they failed to convict this particular defendant. i don't think the case changed our their performance changed after the verdict. i think they presented a very compelling case, they did it clearly, and i think the circumstantial evidence was very powerful and did prove her guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. >> marcia, meaning to asking, do you think she faces some civil action down the road, as o.j. simpson did? >> of course, the defendant can always be sued civilly for a crime committed in the criminal justice system. the problem here is, who would sue? when you think about it, david, it would have to be her mother or father. i don't see that happening here. >> go ahead, star.
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>> actually we have not identified, or i should say it's not been publicly identified who the father of baby caylee is. if that person were to be identified and they were living, they would have a cause of action, and if they were not living, as has been suggested by some reports, his establishment would have a cause of action for wrongful death. i'm not sure if it would be pursued, but we know some dna exists, because the fbi did a dna test on whether her brother lee was indeed the father. >> she's also indigent, so unlike o.j. simpson, there's not a lot of assets. >> not at the moment. >> in about 25 minutes, or at least be the end of july, beginning of august, it will be in place. >> 20 seconds, what kind of future she faces now. as we pointed out this morning, there's fame and notoriety. she's facing the latter? >> she'll face the latter and i
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think she'll be dogged by several plaintiffs, the so-called nanny, she has a lawsuit against casey. the i.r.s. has a claim against her. now we have the state potential look to recoup up to a million for this investigation, this wild-goose chase. >> we're going to have to leave it there for now, thank you. and now here is ann. earlier we spoke to cindy and george anthony's attorneys. >> i can't discuss what they want because of attorney/client privilege but i'll be there today. >> what do you think of the relationship they'll have with her moving forward? >> we hoped to meet with mr. baez yesterday but he was out of the state. so at this point, as far as his client is
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concerned, we have no idea what she wants and i can't discuss what my clients want. >> do they think that casey is innocent? >> well, they -- as they said, the jury decided what they felt and what they thought and they have to go by what the jury thinks. unfortunately, i can't give my own opinion because it's a reflection of what they think. we'll have to remain silent on that for right now. >> how have they reacted to the statement that casey wants more children? >> i believe that's from a letter from a while ago. it's something we haven't really discussed, and if we did, i couldn't tell you either way. but either way, everyone needs to move on and try to rebuild their lives from this. >> can you describe their emotions since the verdict? >> it's one that's still sinking in. i mean, it's -- one, if you can imagine one losing your granddaughter, and, two,
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three years of a living hell of going through depositions, searches, trials, just the tribulations these people have faced just from the outside has been enormous and something that no one could expect to be able to go through with the grace and dignity they've been able to keep going. >> is there anger, especially given the defense claims? >> certainly, there is anger as to the claims to sexual molestation. and there's anger as to the claims that my client george anthony had anything to do with is the movement of caylee's body. to anything else, certainly the defense had to defend their client. i just know those particular things were baseless. >> meantime, the multiple death threats that we're hearing about, can you characterize them, the intensity, and how much fear your clients have as a result of it? >> well, first i'd like to thank the orange county sheriff's office for taking care of my clients so well. yesterday i saw the mounted police surrounding the area as well.
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some of them are potential valid, most of them are people just e-mailing their feelings saying i hope you're all dead. but from there, if it's coming from nebraska, i don't necessarily consider it as a major level threat. if it's somebody who's in orlando, obviously we have to have more concern. >> on this broadcast yesterday, the prosecutor jeff ashton said there's enough to file a perjury case against one of your clients, against cindy. has she reacted? >> sure. >> what is your reaction to that? >> i'm a worst-case scenario type of attorney. we're prepared if they decide to charge her with perjury to defend her vigorously. my client maintains she did the searches. it's my believe that it would cause a lot of additional issues nobody wants to face. and this family has been through enough. if the state deems it necessary to file, we'll be there. but i'm hoping and praying they don't do it. our interview earlier morning with mark litman, and
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still ahead we'll have much more on the sentencing, and where casey anthony goes from here. for now it's 7:13 pacific time. here's david. parts of yellowstone nbc's george lewis is at yellowstone with details this morning. george? >> reporter: good morning, david. yeah, most of the major attractions in the park are open to visitors today as rangers continue their investigation. until now, nobody had been killed by a bear inside yell oosteoin a quarter of a century, though bear attacked outside the park claimed two lives last year. rangers are warning people if they see a grizzly to keep their distance, to travel in groups, and along back country trails, to carry pepper spray to ward off the animals. the attack occurred in this part
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of yell osteen near canyon village. a man and his wife were hiking when they spotted the grizzly and began to back away. >> at some point they then saw that the bear was coming at them. the husband told the wife that she should run. the bear attacked the man and he was fatally injured. >> reporter: the area of the attack has been placed off-limits for now. ranger say they believe the bear was a female defending her cubs. if the investigation shows that was the case, the bear and her cubs will be left alone. park officials would not release the name of the couples. after mauling the man, the bear went after his wife who was lying down, playing dead. >> she was wearing a backpack of sorts, a daypack, and the bear grabbed her in some fashion, lifted her up off of the ground and dropped her. and then ran off. >> reporter: the grizzly
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population in and around yellowstone has grown in recent years to more than 600. so bear sightings are more frequent, and visitors are being cautioned to be extra vigilant. >> we had the planned hike, and we got the information from the ranger as to where the safest place to be, approach it that way, or a specific campground. i definitely would not hike with one or two people off in a back trail. >> reporter: yellowstone is a popular place with 3 million visitors a year. bear attacks are still relatively rare. experts say the safest bets is to stay with the crowd as the bears tend to shy away from large groups of people. while rangers believe it was a case of a mother bear protecting her cubs, the investigation continues to rule out the possibility this was an unprovoked attack by a rogue animal. david? >> thank you, george. let's get a check of the top stories from natalie morales at
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the newsdesk. >> good morning, everyone. one marine died and five others were injured after a marine corps helicopter crashed wednesday at camp pendleton. the incidents is currently under investigation. weather did not appear to be a factor. the end of the don't ask don't tell policy could come sooner than expected after a federal appeals court of san francisco ordered the u.s. government to immediately stop enforcing the ban on openly gay servicemen and women. the pentagon says it is complying with wednesday's warning. >> the hotel made who accused dominique strauss-kahn of rape is now asking the manhattan district attorney to recuse himself from the case and appoint a special prosecutor. the accuser's lawyer says he believed the d.a.'s office leaked damaging information to the press. now, let's ahead to wall street. courtney reagan is any nasdaq. >> stocks are higher today on the backs of better than expected retail numbers and
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strong employment information. 150,000 jobs were added in june and the number of people applying for unemployment benefits came in at the lowest level in seven weeks. euro-nex have approved the merger. the nyse will remain a wholly owned subsidiary, so the name on the building won't change. natalie, back to you. >> courtly reagan, thank you so much. this morning was the first running of the bulls at p pamplona. the centuries-old tradition achieved international fame thanks for ernest hemingway's writings back in the '20s and '30s. definitely for the swift of foot. let's get a check of the we are. al is off. maria is here. >> we do have the sunshine, though, across the pacific northwest behind a cold front.
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ahead of it, showers and >> here's a look at what can expect. >> yes, speaking of that monsoonal moisture it's actually increasing to the north that we're seeing showers in the bay area. let me show you where they are. just to the south of san leandro we have this cell, another one this morning to the north of danville. so you could find slick conditions, overall moisture from the south. might see a few thunderstorms later on. they will be isolated. 86 in livermore, 85 in los gatos, we continue to cool off as we head into the weekend. david, back to you. thank you very much. jaycee dugard, the california woman, spent 18 years in captivity at the hands of phillip and anthony garrido is revealing her horrific ordeal in her own words. with get more about the memoir.
7:20 am
jaycee dugard is now living in northern california with her mother and half sister. in her new book, jaycee said she's healing from the years of abuse she endured from the garridos. four weeks ago, with the sentencing of phillip and nancy garrido, jaycee dugard closed a dark chapter in her life. >> i think it's fair to say a nightmare has come to an end. >> reporter: behind her now, the terror that began when she was 11, kidnapped by the garridos, and forced to live in a maze of rickty sheds and tents in the back yard of their california home. in her new book, jaycee chronicled the horror she experienced, beginning with her first night in captivity.
7:21 am
experts say writing about her past will help jaycee heal. >> she gets to put an end to the very dark passage. there are no secrets. >> she sparps no details -- she endures years of sexual abuse by garrido who fathered two daughters with jaycee. at first, garrido handcuffed jaycee to keep her from escaping. later he used other measures.
7:22 am
but in august of 2009, everything changed. phillip and nancy were questioned by police and jaycee, afraid to even utter her real name, wrote it down for a policewoman. it was like breaking an evil spell. i looked at her and said, i can see my mom? she said, yes. that was her moment of freedom. while others have reported her ordeal since then, it's jaycee's turn to tell her story in her own words. david? >> thank you very much. casey anthony's jailhouse letters and what they reveal about her future out of jail. and first, this is "today" on nbc.
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just ahead, a british newspaper under fire for wiretapping the families of dead
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soldier else. >> after your local news.
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>> this morning a man is in critical condition after he was shot in the head on a trail at an east bay park. bob redell is live with an update. >> reporter: good morning, law raw. the sun's up, we expect investigators will be out soon to finish up their work at the crime scene itself. the east bay regional trabl is still shut down after about 8:30 last night. a hiker came across a young man possibly in his 20s, found hm
7:27 am
lying on the ground unresponsive with a bullet wound to the back of the wed. this person ran to get help. when police arrived they began cpr. we did speak with someone that said that police stopped cpr indicating he might have died but police telling us he was alive, taken to the hospital in critical condition. police are looking for a suspect and motive. they don't know if this was random, a robbery or something else. reporting live, bob redell, today in the bay. >> thank you. now i want to check the commute and the forecast with christina loren. >> good morning. lots happening in both departments. we're looking good, refreshing out there. this afternoon the fog we have is going to push inland for us to see a cooler day by about 5 to 7 degrees on average. 86 in livermore, as we head throughout the remainder of the week, we continue to drop off. all the way through saturday, a gorgeous day for outdoor plans. we have a sigalert and the traffic department, we told you about this 20 minutes ago.
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i-80 at u.s. 101, a tow truck is on the scene. a big rig lost its load, turns out that was a mobile home, one lane is squeaking by. this is a bad spot. give yourself extra time or take 280 as an alternate. laura, back to you. >> thanks for the update. for the latest traffic and news updates check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. a local news update coming up for you in about a half hour.
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7:30 on this thursday morning, july 7, 2011. that was casey anthony's reaction in an orlando courtroom about an hour ago, as a judge sentenced her to four years in prison for lying to investigators, but with time served, and good behavior, she could be released in a matter of weeks, possibly even sooner. i'm ann curry alongside david gregory, who's in for matt this morning. just ahead we'll have more on the sentencing. >> right. one of the big questions, will she cash in our her fame once a free woman? is she planning on having a
7:31 am
baby? what surprising letters reveal. also ahead, new details about a big scandal that's rocking england. a popular tabloid newspaper is accused of hacking into cell phones targeting everyone from kate middleton to a young murder victim. the latest is straight ahead. speaking of that, some of the royal connection there, we'll catch up with the royal couple as they wrap up their canadian tour today before heading down to california. we'll have the latest live. a quick programming look, david. tomorrow here on "today" an exclusive nadya suleman, single mother of 14 who gave birth to octuplets will be live in our studio joined by her eight toddlers and her two oldest children. how are they doing that? what is a day like? does she have any regrets? we'll talk to them when they join us tomorrow. >> fair to say she never stands
7:32 am
still, as a mother of eight. i think we can say that with confidence. we'll begin with the casey anthony story and what the future holds for her. legalia luciano is in orlando. >> reporter: good morning. many in the courtroom are still upset with the verdict, saying little caylee did not get justice. meanwhile, casey anthony will get a fresh start, free to talk to movie producers, publishers, anyone willing to hear her story. casey anthony went from an obscure young mother raising a little girl to an accused murderer, instantly recognizable worldwide. >> not guilty. >> reporter: now the dramatic murder trial has come to a close. many are asking if casey will cash in on hurl newfound fame. >> a child has been killed, so to make money out of that, i don't think it's a good idea. >> will i buy the book?
7:33 am
no way. but will people buy the book? yes. >> reporter: what casey anthony decides, there's money to be made. >> there will be a bidding war. i'm saying 750, maybe a million, most literary agents saying they'll take her. >> reporter: her acquittal is being called the biggest courtroom shocker since o.j. simpson. he wrote a book called "if i did it." could casey anthony do the same? >> arguably the world's most famous woman, at least today. everyone wants to know what happened, everyone wants to hear from her. if she confesses, there's absolutely nothing the system can do. it's double jeopardy. it's over. >> reporter: while in jail, she gave a hint of what she might do after the trial. she wrote hundreds of pages to a jailhouse friend. those letters were turned over to authorities. in one letter casey wrote, i always wanted to adopt a baby or a child from another country. she also told her friend, let's
7:34 am
make a deal. we get pregnant together. in another letter she wrote, i need a vacation. i was thinking costa rica. she even wrote about being famous, saying men call her hot and sexy, gag me, she wrote, is this what celebrities have to deal with it? right now some say casey anthony's more of a villain that is a starlet in the public eye. where she goes from here, is all up to her. >> casey anthony will never be able to sell herself as a sympathetic figure to most americans. we have to be disgusted by you, interested in you, curious about you. she doesn't have to be liked. pa and thousands jailhouse letters, she says she'll get a makeover and go blond or red. she also said she could way to sit on a comfy couch and watch reruns. the first movie -- "dumb and
7:35 am
dumber." >> thank you very much. 7:34 pacific time. here's ann. we spoke exclusively to one of the alternate jurors in the anthony case, and i began by asking dean how he would react when casey anthony does walk out of jail as a free woman. >> she's 'free woman. it is what it is. there's nothing more we could do than what we did. >> one of the jurors said, quote, there was not enough evidence, but she doesn't think casey is innocent. you didn't use the word innocent. she was found not guilty. do you think she's innocent, that she had nothing to do with the death of her daughter? >> that's a hard question. she was a liar, she didn't tell the truth most of the time. to actually kill her daughter, i don't think so. i believe she may have had knowledge of the situation, but to actually kill her child, i
7:36 am
don't believe that happened. >> what convinces you or makes you believe she did not kill her daughter? >> her friends, just the way that she -- the videos, just everything she's seen, like she actually took care of her daughter. she seemed like a good mother to me. >> when you heard the argument by the prosecution that for 31 days she didn't report her daughter missing, that she was out partying and gallivanting, as if she didn't have a care in the world, that did not weigh heavily on you as evidence that she was a bad and not caring mother? >> in that situation, 31 days, that was totally wrong. what she did was inexcusable. i think that goes back on her home life, the situation she was raced between that whole situation between her and her father. now, that is speculation, but i felt that was a big part of make her demeanor pushing it aside,
7:37 am
coming up with fictional characters, and just not facing reality of the situation and running. >> did you take seriously in the opening statements by the defense attorney baez this statement that was not discussed then later about molestation? did you take that seriously? did that weigh -- does that weigh in your thinking here? >> it was not taken away. definitely when you hear something, you've got to take everything into what they say and try to figure out if it's the truth offer not. it was a hard decision to even think that a father could do that to his daughter. i really -- if it happened, it happened. >> so, in other words, it was something that was impossible to take out of your mind is what you're saying? >> yes. yes. >> the defense attorney was also pretty much, sometimes even laughed at. people talked about him being
7:38 am
inexperienced outside the courtroom. you were inside the courtroom. what did you think of him? >> jose baez? he was a unique character. he definitely had his flaws. i would say he was entertaining, trying to do his job, but sometimes he was on top of his a game, but then there were other times he slipped up, but he recovered well. >> and what did you jury thinks of the prosecution and how they handled this case? >> in my opinions i think they were headhunting. they wanted somebody to be found guilty of caylee's death. i don't think that the evidence they showed was sufficient enough to make an actual guilty charge. >> are some of the jurors now afraid for their safety, given the emotion surrounding this case? >> i don't think so. not the people that i've talked to.
7:39 am
we are upset that people think we're incompetent. it's just -- we made the decision on the law f you can't have emotion in this situation, and i think that came down to the final decision, emotion would not be a factor in this situation. >> some wonder if members of the jury will write books, participate in movie deals, in some way benefit financially from having participated in this. do you think there's any doubt that some will? >> oh, yes. yes, there's speculation right now that people are trying to get more money to do an interview, to do book deals. that's their prerogative. >> will you do that? >> no. this is my one and only, and this is it. >> our exclusive interview with alternate juror dean eckstad. and maria is in for al this morning.
7:40 am
>> the heat will be a big part of the country, of course through the southern plains where we could see easily over 100 degrees. the southwest going to see some showers and thunderstorms as the thunderstorm season gets under way. a chance for strong showers in the pacific northwest, and also through the that's a look at the weather across the country. here's a look at what you can expect. >> good morning to you. we've got a nice day, 5 to 7 degrees cooler than yesterday. 85 degrees in santa rosa, 80 in san rafael and the city of san francisco, 70 degrees. as we head throughout the remainder of the weekend temps drop. 79 the forecasted high. the best day for outdoor plans this weekend will be saturday. watch out for potential thunderstorms. especially in the east bay hill this is afternoon. isolated if anything.
7:41 am
you can check your local weather 24/7 at back to you. >> thank you very much. a british newspaper accused of hacking the phones of murder victims, soldiers, and celebrities to scoop the competition. the shocking scandal after this. ♪ congratulations to courtney reid the winner of this year's folgers jingle contest. ♪ the winner of this year's folgers jingle contest. introducing honey bunches of oats, raisin medley. there's nothing like it! the only cereal with 1, 2, 3 kinds of raisins and crunchy multigrain flakes. you gotta try new honey bunches of oats raisin medley.
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back now at 7:43 with a scandal that is rattling great britain. the popular tabloid newspaper, "the news of the world" is accused of illegally hacking to the cell phones from everyone from kate middleton to murder victims. michelle has the latest on this. good morning. behind the splashy headlines and world exclusives, the biggest scandal right now is at "the world of the news" itself. it's admitted to hacking to celebrities' cell phones in the past. people have gone to prison over this. citizens targeted may be the families of soldiers killed in battle and murder victims. >> just how low will a tabloid go for a big scoop? >> this is disgusting, disgraceful, it could become endemic. it's not just one newspaper
7:45 am
group. they've all been at it. >> so appalled, murder victims, terrorist victims who had their phones tapped is quite disgraceful. >> it reached the top of the government over recent allegations and convictions of cell phone hacking in 2005 involving celebrities and the royal house hold. sienna miller was a victim, and hugh grant. >> the popular targets of "the news of the world" hacking was kate middleton, mick jagger, eric clap ton, now perhaps a new low, police suspect that the paper hacked into the voice mail of 13-year-old millie dower whose abduction and murder horrified britain in 2002 while she was still missing. now it gives her family false hope she was still alive. >> there are no words to describe how awful this was.
7:46 am
it may attempted to tap phones close to the family of madeline mccann. and the terrorist bombings, those families are learning they may have been hacked. >> we were in a dark place. they cannot be allowed to get away with what they've done. >> the prosecution of the paper and the top executives. rupert murdoch is calling the allegations deplorabldeplorable unacceptable, and it will again cooperate with the police. the reporter who served time released a statement saying there was relentless pressure, a aa constant demand for results. for an outraged british public, there is simply no excuse. >> interestingly enough, in america, we don't have this kind of journalism yet. hopefully the american taste
7:47 am
level is still such that it agrees this is just a bridge too far. it's that check and balance on everything else, then the very fabric of our democracy could be put at risk. >> several big advertisers are pulling out of the newspaper. along come more allegations that the paper may have paid police for information. ann? >> pretty shocking allegations. michelle, thank you so much. coming up next, will and catherine wrapping up their canadian tour as they prepare to head to california. l er ts. every day you live with the pain of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis could be another day you're living with joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you by asking your rheumatologist about humira. for many adult patients with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis humira has been proven to help relieve pain and stop joint damage.
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7:51 am
expected to get involved in both. it's one more stop left, the highly anticipated trip to los angeles. kate's first time in the u.s., that could even leave hollywood star struck. as they got one step closer to california, william and kate said good-bye to the northwest territories early wednesday. these canadian rangers seen loading the duchess's now famous wardrobe has caught eyes every step of the way. among those seeing them off, 6-year-old riley oafer who wanted to drive helicopters and idolizes the prince. it's supposed to be a day off, a chance for a little royal r&r. but the duke and duchess added another stop bringing comfort to a small town devastated by wild fires every spring. >> look at everybody here. everybody's spirits are lifted right now. no one is worried about their houses or other things. right now it's will and kate. >> while the destination for the royal downtime is guarded, it's
7:52 am
widely speculated the newlyweds would escape here, to the canadian rockies somewhere near the xrseenic town of jasper. canada's cow town is gearing up. the young royals are accustomed to a horse or two. but today, they'll saddle up for the famed calgary stampede. they like to say some of the best cowboys are cowgirls. what do you wear for a royal rodeo. >> hope she wears a big western cowboy hat. >> a nicer cowgirl dress with classier boots. >> belt buckles to bling, they better clean up quickly. an a-list hollywood crowd is waiting. nicole kidman, tom hanks, even jennifer lopez all among the celebrities expected to welcome the wales. arguably the most glamorous
7:53 am
events. everyone is waiting to see what kate looks like as a cowgirl. we'll bring that home for you. >> i'd like to see that on you. >> thanks very much. >> you think it's big enough? we're going to find out. coming up, the alarming rise in eating disorders in older women after this. special k protein shakes -- ♪ a truly great-tasting breakfast shake. with 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber, it's the creamy, delicious way to satisfy... your hunger to help you lose weight. ♪ so you can kick the tin can habit. try special k protein shakes today. so you can kick the tin can habit. what is that? it burns! it's singeing me! woman: i can't see! it's the sun. get out of the office more often with chili's $6 lunch break combos, featuring texas toast half sandwiches. ♪ chili's lunch break combos ♪
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7:56 am
>> good morning to you. 7:56 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. san francisco police say they have their suspect in the theft of a picasso drawing. they will hold a press conference at 10:00. they announced this this morning. this is actually surveillance video shot by security camera outside lefty o'doole's. it shows a man there with what looks like to be a picasso. it disappeared from the winestein gallery in san francisco on tuesday. we'll of course have a crew there live this morning. and caltrain will take the first step to install cameras on the front and back of trains to record what happens on the tracks. caltrain's board is expected to approve the plan today. the cameras will capture vehicles crossing in front of trains and no doubt record suicides. caltrain is paying for the 70
7:57 am
cameras with a security grant from part of a state bond. 7:56 now. let's get a look at the forecast. >> if you are sick of the hot weather we have a break for you today. 88 degrees, about the warmest across the bay area fairfield. 70 in san francisco, 85 in the north bay and for the south bay, a little muggy if you have monsoonal moisture reaching to the north. much cooler than yesterday. 5 to 7 degree-drop from the daytime highs on wednesday. 89 friday. down to 79 by saturday. that will be the best day for your outdoor plans this weekend. switching to traffic now, a couple serious situations. first, a sigalert. we told you about this on eastbound i-80 approaching u.s. 101. looks like we had a big rig where a mobile home became detached. three lanes blocked. one squeaking by. the highway patrol says this could abcase for a half hour. you are backed up to candlestick park this morning.
7:58 am
280 is your alternate. expect more company there as more people are using that as an alternate. one more to tell you about, northbound 101 an injury accident. pretty serious. you need an extra 15 minutes. back to you. >> good to know. thank you very much. pulling double duty. for the latest check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. ♪ [ woman ] sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp.
7:59 am
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8:00 am
♪ deep inside no matter where you're from you just can't hide ♪ >> 8:00 on this thursday morning, the 7th day of july, 2001. we have a great group of people outside. spend your morning with us. and if you come back tomorrow, country superstar blake shelton live in concert. he had nine number one hits. he's performing a few of them on our concert stage tomorrow on today. needing time outside on the plaza, i'm ann curry with david gregory in for matt. thank you for being here.
8:01 am
coming up, a heart breaking story. >> it is. a tough story to talk about a popular and promising high school graduate's life cut short in a violent attack. her exboyfriend, the star football player, is charged with the murder. the victim's father coming up. there's been a sharp rise in eating disorders, we're not talking about eating disorders in teenagers but in women in their 30s and beyond. what's causing this? what's causing older women to have this problem and where can they go for help? a mother of two will share her story coming up. also, it feels like the right time of year to plan a vacation. we'll give you advice this morning. travel and leisure's new list of the best in travel. and the top airlines to get you there. got it all covered. >> we both need a vacation. >> we're going to work on that. >> before we get to anything, though. let's get a check of the news. natalie is at the newsdesk this morning. good morning, natalie. good morning, ann, david. good morning again, everyone. a florida judge sentences casey
8:02 am
anthony for lying to police. on tuesday, a jury found anthony not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. anthony faces four years in prison, but the attorney wants her sentence to time already served and released. president obama is meeting with congressional leaders at the white house today hoping to break a budget stalemate. the republicans refused to raise the nation's borrowing limit, unless democrats agreed to deep spending cuts. treasury secretary geithner has warned that the u.s. will start to default on debt payments next month unless there's an agreement. u.s. homeland security is now investigating a possible new terrorism technique being developed by al qaeda. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams joins us now from washington. pete, good morning. nothing here to indicate a plot in the works. officials picked up intelligence indicating terrorists overseas are talking about trying this as a way to smuggle a bomb on to a plane. the u.s. has notified overseas
8:03 am
airlines and airports that al qaeda terrorists in yemen are talking about it as a way to evade airport security. >> there's been recent information that indicates the terrorists' interest in using this kind of technique, to defeat on multiple layers of defense. >> terrorists onboard a plane would inject a chemical detonator to the part of the body where the device is planted telling screeners they had to carry a syringe because they had surgery or they can use a radio detonator set off by cell phone. it would not be easy to carry out such a plan. >> you don't know how the explosive would react in the body, how the impact would be in effect because of the body. and you don't know what effect it would have on the individual other than being in the body. not a lot of testing you can do in advance. >> reporter: even so, airports overseas with flights to the u.s. have been urged to increase security with physical patdowns, checks of chemicals, more
8:04 am
extensive questioning of their reasons for travel and use of small body scanners in the small number of airports that have them. officials say there's no single screening technology that could pick up an implants explosive, so they're depending on the combination of security checks in place at airports now, natalie? pete williams in washington for us this morning, thank you, pete. now a look at what's trending today. a quick roundup of what has you talking on-line. we now know that facebook's promise of something awesome is a new relationship with skype that will let facebook users make video calls on the site. natalie portman's baby name has fans searching yahoo!. the boy born last month is named alef after the first letter in the hebrew alphabet and represents the oneness with god. it's called a haboob, but the phoenix residents may call it the massive dust storm that roared through town on tuesday. twitter users are trading pictures and time-lapsed video
8:05 am
of the wall of dust and sharing amusement over the word, haboob. it's 8:04. back outside to david and ann. >> amazing. >> i don't know what the storm is called. in arizona, there's weird weather but that was an incredible thing to see. >> how long did you live in arizona? >> never seen that, seen wild thunderstorms and 100 degree temperatures but -- >> what's going on with the weather. maria is in for al this morning. >> a dry heat. >> exactly. >> we're going be humid here in new york. it's not keeping some people away. this poor girl, you hurt your ankle, how did you do it? >> playing soccer. >> quick healing. feel better soon. still enjoying new york, the sights and the sounds. nashville, scattered showers and thunderstorms today. hot and humid. across the rest of the country, we will see showers and thunderstorms across a good portion, including the southeast, the mid atlantic, and on to the central mississippi valley and the pacific
8:06 am
northwest, watch out for good morning to you. we've got a rale nice start over the city of san francisco, especially when we get rid of all this low cloud cover. i'm forecasting the sun to break through the clouds at about 11:00 today. 85 in fremont. very little cloud cover this morning pushed inland. starting out clear in livermore. that's why you'll hit 88 degrees today. 85 in santa rosa. 75 in santa cruz. a gorgeous weekend to look forward to. 79 on saturday. back to you. >> thank you so much. a pretty serious story of a small town shaken to its core in new england as a star athlete there was charged with the chrt.r of his former higheaeeth e sweetheart. the victim's father is speaking out after this. we all have internal plumbing. but for some of us with overactive bladder, our pipes just don't work as well as they should. sometimes, i worry my pipes might leak.
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8:10 am
[ announcer ] truvia. honestly sweet. back now at 8:10. with the tragic murder of an 18-year-old girl in massachusetts who just graduated high school. now her exboyfriend, a star football player, has been arrested. jeff resin is here with the details. good morning. >> police say it's all about control. a teenage boy angry with his ex-girlfriend. he got violent, cutting her throat and strangling her. this morning, a young woman is dead and a high school sweetheart is behind bars. >> reporter: lauren ashlee just graduated from high school, accepted toe lan university.
8:11 am
her future was so bright. >> she had a smile and laughter. >> reporter: one night this week, lauren never came home from work. her father got nervous, went searching in the darkness of night and made a stunning discovery -- her car abandoned next to a lake, no sign of lauren. >> i notified the police the car windows were open and her purse was on the seat and there was no key in the ignition. so i was becoming very concerned at that point. >> reporter: the next morning, a passer by found lauren ashlee's body, and soon, police would hone in on a suspect. lauren's on again-off again boyfriend of three years, nathaniel fujita on a high school football team recruited to play college ball. >> we are very confident that it was about the perpetrator exercising power and control over someone he had. >> had until recently, when police say lauren broke up with
8:12 am
him, calling it a case of teen dating violence, investigators say lauren's neck was slashed and she'd been strangled with a bungee cord. >> you know what happened to lauren? >> investigators say they found evidence inside fujit a's house, blood on the floor of his garage near bungee cords, bloody clothes and sneakers stuff in a crawl space, along with dirt matching the marshy area where lauren's body was discovered. in court, he pled not guilty as the prosecutors laid out the crime. >> a very strong case of premeditated murder, and potentially extreme atrocity and cruelty. >> at one point, lauren and her accused killer was so close. >> in your life -- >> she interviewed his father for a school project posted on youtube. a life so full of promise cut so short while another may be falling apart. >> yes, my daughter is gone.
8:13 am
but fornate nate's family, ther tremendous loss too. it's going to go on for a long time. >> fujita is in jail this morning held without bail. police still don't have a motive they don't know what made him snap. fujita's lawyer declined to comment because of respect for her family. >> good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> let me start with both of you. what do we know at this point about nathanael fujita? >> we don't know anything. we haven't heard anyone speaking about him or his relationship with lauren. it's about power of control. it's not so much of a dating violence, relationship violence. if this had been a couple that was a little older, we might have seen this happen in a family where a woman is
8:14 am
divorcing her husband and she ends up murdered. >> what is that control dynamic that is somehow unique. >> well, what we're talking about is a personality disorder. somebody who -- it's a level of psychopathy, borderline personality disorder, everything is about you, not about the other person. a real ego problem. so when somebody turns you down, walks away, you're not ready for that, you cannot take that hit to your ego. and unportnafortunately, this w probably seen before. this just did not pop up. it's been a three-year relationship. he exerted more and more power. for what i want to warn young women, does the young man respect you, does he care about your feelings. does he let you make decisions on your own or is it about him. if you decide you don't want to cater to him anymore, he cannot take that.
8:15 am
>> you hear something about this. it's so awesome. a part of what makes it awful is we're talking about teenagers, new at love, immature, when does it cross over to become the path we're describing. >> it's about violence. we all have the potential to commit a violent act. was he depressed. did he have a previous history or thought about suicide, personality factors, i believe, with the control impulsiveness, he's a teenager, teenage brains are impulsive and don't have enough emotional and behavior control until sometimes the age of 25 and social situational factors. if they had broken up or she had left him, it could have been a rage and he snapped. >> you'll hear in this case which happens to be true, no criminal record by fujita. star athlete and all of the rest. that leads you to this question -- where is this coming from? >> 16% of teen murders have no
8:16 am
motive at all. but it's the fact that maybe she had broken up with him. and in a fit of rage or passion, he completely lost control. on the positive side, he's alive. he'll be interviewed. they can do an in depth psychological profile and get some insight in to what happens and what makes a promising young man take the life of someone. >> the obvious notion now is what we can glean from the kind of case of what they have against him, what the prosecutor has against him. >> i want to point out something very important here. he did not snap. this is something that's in his personality and has been there all along. he lure lauren to his home to commit -- well, he didn't necessarily plan he was going to kill her, but he was going to win. and women, when they break up with somebody, young women, pay attention to this. you've broken up with somebody, they want to have one last conversation, they just need closure. they're depending on you're a really nice person and you'll feel like a rat if you don't at
8:17 am
least talk to the poor guy. you go with him to an isolated location. if you had a problem with power and control, don't make that last meeting with him in a no nonpublic place. >> pay attention. >> thank you both. the disturbing increasing eating disorders in young women in their 30 40s, and 50zs after this. one wants to talk about. it's time to get real about what happens in the bathroom. stop all the cutesy stuff. and start talking about what you really want from your toilet paper. it's time to talk about clean. feeling clean is so important. vo: quilted northern soft & strong is stronger than the leading rippled brand to help protect against breakthrough. for myself, for my family, it keeps us clean. i use quilted northern. quilted northern soft & strong. protection for a confident clean or your money back.
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same time tomorrow? [ female announcer ] find them in the cracker aisle. i see a bag and think... i could have a chip. yeah right. that's why they're called chips? [ female announcer ] new special k cracker chips. 27 crispy chips. 110 delicious calories. another cracker chip? don't mind if i do! [ female announcer ] find them in the cracker aisle. buy your perk online for $100 and redeem it at a design center for $400 toward our top five american-made beds. to get the july bed perk, go to offer ends july 31st. we talk about anorexia and bulimia, we talk about teenage
8:21 am
girls. but there's a surprising group struggling as well. middle aged women. here's chief medical editor dr. nancy schneider. >> good morning, sit down. >> carrie didn't expect to be here, in treatment for a eating disorder at the age of 41. >> you don't fit in a pair of pants anymore, so you're a big fat cow. yet, here she is, after a desperate intervention. >> my sister said, carrie, you are spiraling out of control. >> what made you hear them? >> i wanted to. i was ready. i'm 41 years old. and it was just time. i was tired. >> a cascade of traumatic events in mid life is a trigger for women with eating disorders in women over 30. >> i didn't realize i still had a eating disorder. >> a recently divorced mom of two and struggling small business owner, eating or not eating was the one thing she could control. >> i was losing hair, my gums were bleeding, broken bones,
8:22 am
lost the period for three years. i didn't care. what mattered was the scale. >> the body you have now, do you like it? >> i'm learned to. >> learning in treatment three days a week in the treatment center. >> i'm excited i'm getting my hunger cues back. >> she designed a program specifically for women over 35 plus. after seeing an increase of 42% in patients that age. >> they're more sensitive to these sorts of issues and more likely to ask a woman who's older what's going on with your eating or you look like you've lost weight or i'm worried about you. 51-year-old colleen tried to meet her mid life anorexia but she's here to decide if she needs to be hospitalized again. >> i have a daughter who's older. she's 19. so there's a definite -- she's more aware. so that makes it hard. >> the stakes are high. >> the medical complications of
8:23 am
eating disorders get more severe over time. and as they interface with the aging body, we have more to worry about as clinicians who are concerned about these folks. >> experts say, it can be a lifelong journey back to health. and for carrie, it's one day at a time. >> what do you want other women to know. >> that recovery is possible and that it's so much better than living with the disease. >> dr. nancy and carrie are joining us this morning. good morning. >> hi. >> carrie, your daughter called you on it? >> my daughter called me on it. we were talking about it during the segment one time she looked at me and she said, mom, you have a eating disorder. i looked at her, i said you're 10 years old, how do you know what that is? and it hit me, i'm emulating it for her. >> your love of her helped to change. >> yes. >> you also had a eating disorder when you were younger
8:24 am
in school. >> absolutely. >> nancy, how often when we have the eating disorders when we're younger, do we have them when we're older. >> you talk to someone -- in her 20s she battled this, she would say, i deal with it every day, i think about it every day. it's not something where one day, boom, you've taken the antibiotics and you're cured. it's in your brain and you have to push it back. i think the mid life issues, the divorce, losing a child, some trigger is about control. the heart of most eating disorders is this need to control and the rest of your world is chaotic. >> what explains, then, knowing that why we've seen this steep increase? >> look, i think we loathe our bodies. the three of us sit here prim and proper, all tucked in and what's considered proper attire that we might not like to wear in a typical day, but we do it because it's how we present ourselves and society expects it.
8:25 am
when you're in the public eye, you raise the bar. when you're a beautiful young blond and you have a very suburban life style, you tell yourself you have to maintain a certain body. >> when i got divorced, i started my own company, a singles company. here i'm coaching the singles clients, the women in the data base saying you're going to be dating now, you better look your best. i was thinking, oh, my gosh, i've got to hold up to that standard. >> the irony of carrie starting that business as a woman with a eating disorder and put herself in a place where she had to look a certain way. >> yeah. >> it was a trap that she had. >> i did. >> what do you say to women listening now who suspect they have eating disorders, maybe in denial. >> i would say if you think you have a problem, get help. reach out to a friend, see a therapist, start somewhere. get help, recovery is possible.
8:26 am
reach out and get help. >> it is slow. i want middle aged women to understand that even if you've lived with the issues for the rest of your life, you don't want to die from this. dying from a eating disorder is good morning to you. it's 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. it turns out an east bay cyclist feared missing for days is just fine. police say they found former professional cyclist anthony martin at a roseville hotel. his girlfriend launched a search for him on saturday because he didn't come home after a bike ride. investigators say martin left for personal onreass. >>on8:26 right now. a quick break. we'll be right back with a look at traffic. tonight at 11:00 p.m., vickywin goes noose find out why thieves
8:27 am
want them tonight on bay area news.
8:28 am
welcome back. the time now 8:28. we are well into the heart of our morning rush and we have a serious traffic collision. a traffic alert for commuters trying to get out of the city today. this is eastbound i-80 as you approach 101. a big rig that lost looks like a double wide there, very, very heavy delays. you're backed up all the way beyond candle stick park at this point. it looks like this will be something that ties up our morning rush for at least the next hour. police on the scene there, one lane squeaking by. major onlooker delays this morning, as well. if you're trying to get out of the city, let's help you track that alternate, help you get around this. only thing you want to do is hop
8:29 am
on to 80. you're backed up all the way beyond candle stick park. let your friends know, they may not be aware of this serious crash. chp will be out there for at least another half hour before they're able to open up the lanes. eastbound i-80 approaching 101 this morning. >> quite a mess. good advice. for the latest traffic and news updates, check out bay area morning news on facebook. we'll have another local news update for you in about half an hour. keeping our eye on this accident, i-80 this morning.
8:30 am
the octomom, two years later, nadia suleyman and her eight tol toddlers join us tomorrow on "today." ♪ it's all about tonight >> 8:30 now on this thursday morning, the 7th of july, 2011. another beautiful summer day here at rockefeller plaza. right now, our crowd is listening to one of blake shelton's many great songs. blake shelton's host of nbc's "the voice" is going to be here live. tomorrow here on "today." how cute are you? i'm ann curry outside.
8:31 am
coming up, a complete guide to summer. >> absolutely. and it's about time. two popular artists are going to be here with their picks on the hottest reads on the beach this summer. we're going to give you the best information on where to go if you're planning a vacation with "travel & leisure" editors with the top way to get there. >> what's summer without a cookout. we're going to hit the grill and get a little love. >> news you can use. >> how to make the perfect steak. >> also this morning, live in orlando with the latest on this morning's sentencing of casey anthony. before we get to all of that, we want to get a check of the forecast from maria. hey, maria. >> good morning, good morning, everyone. speaking of al, i think al would be quite proud of this sign. look at this. what's your name, hon? >> mark. >> you want to be a weather guy? >> yes. >> i'll pass it along to al. you're as cute as al.
8:32 am
take a look at the weather. we have a chance of showers and thunderstorms literally everywhere from the mid-atlantic to the southeast to the mississippi valley into the pacific northwest and the southwest. temperatures sizzling in the southern plains as we get to tomorrow. a cold front will bring back the seve good morning to you. 8:32 now. we're already starting to see the sunshine through that cloud bank situated over the city. the top of the city disappeared in that fog bank. it's already starting to lift. by about 11:00 a.m., the sun will shine through and mostly sunny conditions. 85 in fremont. san jose 83, and 87 in gilroy. if you're looking for cooler weather, we've got it for you this weekend. 79 degrees on saturday. up to 80 on sunday.
8:33 am
8:34 am
8:35 am
8:35. this morning on today's travel, "travel & leisure" magazine's best awards of 2011. it just makes you want to dance if you listen to that music. the votes have been counted. the analyst covers everything from the best cities to the best hotels. nelu is "travel & leisure's" feature editor. good morning. >> good morning. >> look at that cover. a lot to talk about. >> so exciting. >> what's the big themes for the magazine? >> i think what we saw is that readers are really excited about wonder lust. the idea of authentic travel, about adventure, about exoticism. six out of ten were african safari lodges. people want to go and get absorbed in a destination.
8:36 am
>> whether it's an anniversary or go some place with kids, i get that a lot, too, people asking me where to go. that leads to what we're going to talk about first, the category starting with the world's best cities. bangkok at one, new york city at four which is good to see, istanbul is so hot right now. i was there the last couple years. we were just talking about that. this stood out for you, why? >> it's a fantastic city. and what's amazing about the result this year is that it rocketed up to this position in fifth place. people love it because it's a combination of asia and europe. it's the only europe, in fact, that straddles both places, the beautiful culture there. i love it for the amazing food, the great hospitality of people, and the decadent shopping. i mean, if anyone's been to the grand bazaar, it's something to be reckoned with. >> shopping -- european-like shopping and the history.
8:37 am
>> absolutely. >> as we were looking at those pictures, the ottoman empire. >> there's incredible sights to be seen and a great culture. you feel like you have the best of both worlds. >> there's been some instability there in forms of foreign relations with turkey. it's a welcoming place. >> i sent people there, i've been there. i felt nothing but incredible warmth. >> let's look closer to home and talk about the best cities back here in the united states, new york city tops the list. good to see, the greatest city around. but charleston is number two there in south carolina. that stood out to you, why? >> charleston, again, is another city that we feel great about it being -- it's done better than it's done in the 16 years that we've done the list. so charleston is great for southern charm, hospitality, and food. the readers will love it because it's very accessible. there's great access to beaches. it's one of the cities where you feel like if you're there on family, a family reunion, as a romantic getaway, it's ideal. >> now, getting there is always a factor in terms of top airlines.
8:38 am
domestic airlines, people consider things like comfort in the cabin, customer service and value. you can see the list there. what stands out to you there. >> virgin america for the last four years has come in number one basically since the airline started. and i think their winning formula and the other airlines we're seeing here have a winning formula, customer service and comfort in the cabin, wi-fi, getting food when you want it. these are the kinds of things that sets virgin apart and make people want to fly them. they're starting new routes and flying to chicago now. >> some understanding you're traveling with family and whatnot. they're not rushing you through. it's not a shuttle service. taking a little bit more time. >> airlines is running a business about getting in the air. they do it with a smile, it helps. >> in terms of hotels, places to go, we've got some things on the list that are affordable though they may not be in for a splash if you know some of the resorts we're talking about. we'll put that list here. for top results in america -- show the list on the screen here. and park city was a real
8:39 am
standout here. the american lodge which in the winter season, very, very expensive. but for the summer, a great deal. >> exactly. you can stay there for $235 a night, which is about a third of the price staying there in the wintertime. it ranked number two in the list of top resorts in the u.s. and canada. it's a hotel outside of salt lake city. right in deer valley mountain halfway up the mountain. you get incredible service, all of what you get in the wintertime. plus access to the outdoors. if you're the kind of guy i think you are, you might like the mountain man facial. >> well, and only 35 minutes from the airport. >> yeah. >> which is worth pointing out for families. go to the rosewood mansion on turtle creek in dallas is a good deal. tell us about that. >> $187 a night as a part of the more rosewood promotion this summer. what's great about that hotel is the readers love it for the service and the food. their sunday brunch is something to be reckoned with, including the complimentary mimosas and the bloody marys.
8:40 am
that's something that obviously makes it very popular. >> finally, the elliott hotel in boston has a great special. >> another world's best. the top city hotel. small city hotel. and they have, for $255 a night, teenagers stay for free, kids' amenities. they have one of the best restaurants in boston that i love. it's called uni by ken orringer. and 79 of 95 rooms are suites. you're going to get tons of space. >> it is nice because people don't often think about going into a city for the summer vacation. but if you've got kids, it's a great thing to do. >> boston is a great city all around and there's a great place to stay there. >> one quick surprise on winter rental cars. >> this is unusual. this car got number one -- this is the first time -- a car sharing service that's become very popular in new york. it's maybe the way to the future for how to rent a car. >> it's nice. because i'm 6'5". so i can -- if i'm not driving, i can just put the car in my pocket, which is nice. thank you very much. terrific list. we appreciate it.
8:41 am
coming up next, the summer's hottest reads. two popular authors reveal their picks. but first this, is "today" on nbc. is "today" on nbc.
8:42 am
8:43 am
♪ today i read a book i can't remember when but one of these days ♪ >> there's certain things you need for a great day at the beach, swim suit, sun screen, and a great book. and this morning, two popular authors revealed their picks for the summer's best beach reads. they are jennifer weiner, the author of the new book, "then came you," and harlan koben, the author of "shelter" the first book in a series released in september. good morning to both of you. good thing we all dressed for a summer beach week. it's warm to be outside. jennifer, give us your top four? >> my top four are "silver
8:44 am
sparrow," "faith," "the magician king," and "the story of beautiful girls." >> and harlan, give us your top four. "the faithful place." jeffabbott, "adrenaline." ann packers, "swim back to me," and steve hamilton's, "misery bay". >> let's talk about them one by one. jennifer, you mentioned "the silver sparrow." >> it's about secret families. it's written from the perspective of a girl who is illegitimate. she's the family on the side and her and her mother become a step with the legitimate wife and daughter. the first half of the book is told from the perspective from the illegitimate father and the legitimate one. you see it from both perspectives. amazing, amazing read. >> number two -- your number two
8:45 am
pick is "faith." >> yes. >> it's written by one of your favorite authors. >> jennifer haigh, the fourth book, the first one won awards. it's about a catholic priest in boston accused of molesting boys. familiar story for anyone who reads the papers. but the story "faith" tells is complicated where everyone is in a way a victim. >> number three is "the magician king" and billed as the harry potter for grown-ups. >> or dirty harry. if you like the "narnia" books, this is a fantasy for grown-ups. a magician goes on a quest. >> the last one is the story of a beautiful girl. >> isn't it a great title? great cover. two people institutionalized.
8:46 am
run away. it's a dark and stormy night. they give the new baby to a widow and they hide her and it's the story of what happens to these three characters over the next four years. >> a lot of buzz about that book on twitter. >> great. >> you describe it as a cross between "angela's ashes" and "thriller". >> beginning of the story, cop runs away from home when he was 19, girlfriend never showed up, left him a note. 20 years later he finds out she was murdered maybe by a member of his own dysfunctional family. >> "adrenaline" jeff abbott. >> i think he's the next robert ludlum. it grabs you the first couple of pages. the man goes to the office. he's a spy. the wife calls him, come down for a second, honey, he comes
8:47 am
down, the building blows up, the wife is kidnapped. it gets faster from there. great read. >> going to be a movie at some point. >> number three by ann packerings. >> jennifer loved this story. 100 pagenaud svehla. very poignant, very searing short stories. another novell la at the end which is a coming of age person that is three days later. beautifully written and heart breaking. i loved it. >> the last one on the list was "misery bay" by steve hamilton. >> people asked me, what's the next series, i read all of the robert parker, the sue grafton. what's the next story. steve hamilton-alex mcknight series. it takes place in the upper peninsula of michigan so it's nice and cold, which really is great. he's a wonderful writer. >> it's so terrific to have the two of you weigh in on what you
8:48 am
should be reading because when you talk about people's books, you're talking about the story line and surprise but also the quality of the writing. >> yes. >> mm-hmm oo. >> which is sometimes difficult to discern when you head off to the cash register. >> thriller or mystery or chicklets, where the writer is shooting high, telling a great story, writing beautifully. but for some, keep the pages turning where you care about the people, you want to find out what happens to them. you can't put it down. >> jennifer weiner and harlan coben, thank you. next time we'll tell you what the decor is going to be. we'll dress appropriately. more coming up, but first here's "today" on nbc.
8:49 am
8:50 am
today's "cooking school" is brought to you by hellmann's, it's time for real. ♪ she thinks my tractor sexy >> "today's cooking school" barbecuing 101, understanding the basics to make a successful and delicious meal. he's the owner of the mug shot in ft. worth, texas. got great things to get to. but i want to start with your basic tools for grilling and barbecue. before we do that, what about
8:51 am
terms? there's a different between barbecuing and grilling. >> grilling is directly over the fire. barbecuing is indirect heat, meaning we smoke with, you know, fire around the meat, but not necessarily on the meat. >> right. >> i know from experience, you don't want to mess things up. talk about your top tools and why. >> real simply, when you do top tools, you want to have woodchips and soak your woodchips in water, wine, bourbon, anything you like will give different flavors. soak them first so they can give off a good smoke inside the grill or the barbecue. foil to wrap it off. to create on the direct or indirect side of your grill. you can separate that. hand towels, towels available. meat thermometer. people can't do this all the time and test their meet. >> the thumb test. >> really which is important. >> and the nice pair of tongs and the nice spatula. which is good. >> wine -- >> hot grill and cold white wine. that's how it works. >> okay. let's get to the first recipe
8:52 am
here. >> okay. >> ribdeyes. >> so here's the deal. we have a ribeye here. we're going to use peanut oil, not olive oil, it's got a lower flash point. it adds a little bitterness to your steak. you want peanut oil, it's a lot hotter and you can grill high temperatures. >> can i ask you a question -- you grill them high for a short period of time. you take them off of the grill and let them sit. >> let it rest. >> people talk about resting their meat. we're going to rest it and finish the meat. >> they'll continue to cook as you sit it out. >> yes. that's right. >> i get a lot of salt. it's a big steak. lots of salt. more than you think. double what you think. put it on the hot grill like this. >> this is direct heat here. how long on each side. >> for 1.25, 1.5, they say about 2 1/2 minutes per side. then we're going to let it rest. this is what these are doing here. these are rested.
8:53 am
now these are grilling, i'm going to put them on the finish. >> can i ask you the quick thumb test, how do you know? >> feel that, that's a little over rare. we want these medium rare to medium. >> let's go here. >> we've got the -- >> if you have a lid, put your lid down. >> all right. >> pork shoulder. >> talk about some barbecuing. now, here i've got a bone-in pork butt. i left the bone in there. you can buy them boneless, no point. the bone falls right out when you finish anyway. it gives a little more flavor. i'm going to have you make this, here's the rub. the chili powder, rosemary, thyme, cumin. put it in here and mix it up. >> i didn't understand. >> put it -- >> wanted a -- >> wake up, buddy, come on. >> put the it all in. >> all in, all in. >> mix that up. >> you did a really good job. you mix it up with a spoon there. we're going to coat this, as you're doing this, i'm going to
8:54 am
add some coke. >> really, coke? >> yeah, because we're from the south. and we're going to add some -- [ cheers ] >> jefferson bourbon. and they've got shot glasses here. i don't know why they have shot glasses here. >> comb and bourbon on the bottom. >> i got this for -- when you feel presidential, you feel energy in these guyings. so boaurbon and coke and take te rub real liberal. >> looks good. politics and liberals. >> that's it. >> the boaurbon and the coke -- >> after you had a bourbon and coke. >> like that -- >> the coke adds a little activity. put that and it tastes just like that. going to cover that with foil. going to put it in a smoker for ten hours. >> ten hours? >> you said ten hours? >> ten hours. >> look at this. >> all right, all right. >> i want to say -- >> go to our website, for more on the recipes.
8:55 am
>> see what it looks like. >> much more. a "today" exclusive, octomom. she first talked with ann curry about her incredible family. now two years later, nadia and her eight toddlers join us live in our studio tomorrow on "today." tomorrow, blake shelton, live. catch one of the hottest stars on the toyota summer concert series.
8:56 am
good morning to you. 8:56 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon san francisco police arrested at least one suspect in the theft of a picasso drawing and will hold a press conference in about an hour. this surveillance video was shot by a security camera outside
8:57 am
lefty o'doul's showing a man with what looks to be a picasso. it disappeared from the weinstein gallery on tuesday. another breaking story this morning. casey anthony will be released from jail next wednesday. earlier today, a judge snnsd the florida woman once suspected of killing her 2-year-old daughter to four years for lying to police. inlycutt served ingowg dttn that sentence. we're going to have a look at the morning commute right d after this.
8:58 am
welcome back. 8:58 now. still following a traffic nightmare for commuters trying to get out of the city this morning. we have a serious crash where we actually saw a big rig lose its load. that was a double wide trailer. as a result, we're backed up
8:59 am
three miles beyond candle stick park eastbound i-8 ol approaching 101. take 280 as an alternate. >> what a mess out there. 8:58 right now. another update for you in half an hour. see you then. denny's new tour of america menu.
9:00 am
50 star cuisine. the new tour of america menu. starting at $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open. i will sentence you to to the orange county jail, imposing a $1,000 fine on each count, all four counts to run consecutive to each other. >> looking at casey anthony, listening to judge belvin perry as he handed down his sentence earlier this morning for her convictions on four counts of lying to police during their investigation of her daughter, caylee's death. as you heard, he ordered akon secondtive sentence for each count and taking into
9:01 am
consideration time served, that means that she could be out of jail in a matter of weeks. i'm ann curry along with david grego gregory, in for matt, and savannah guthrie. >> the judge repeated the point that casey committed four separate and distinct lies thus the consecutive sentence. a judge who wanted to max her out, give her the maximum penalty of the law, while these are misdemeanor charges that which she lied about is as serious it could be, where her daughter was, the fact that six months elapsed between the fact that casey anthony lied and the baby was found, crucial months. her body was decomposing and evidence that may have told us how she died gone forever and because of the lie we may never know what happened to the child. >> kerry sanders joins us from the courthouse in orlando. lawyers need to hash all of this out now, in terms of what the
9:02 am
actual calendar is for her. >> reporter: indeed. judge belvin perry has the lawyers back in his office right now. i'm out front of the courthouse, while they're doing some calculations, out front you can see there was some increased police presence over and remaining protesters, maybe about 100 or so who initially showed up here because they knew that they were already upset about the verdict being acquittal on charges of murder and then wondering exactly what the sentence is. right now what the judge is calculating is, she's been in jail for two years and nine months. there was another charge that is unrelated to this specific trial that we've seen where she was convicted of check fraud. so there was a 15-month sentence there. part of the 2 years, 9 month taken away for time served.
9:03 am
for every month she's in she gets five days for good behavior and work release. they give her that. mathematics is being worked out. we've heard the judge say in court that she could be released maybe by the end of the month or early next month. and it may even be earlier than that. so we see some of the people here, television cameras, certainly has been a a lot of attention. cameras around the world here as everybody has focused on this trial. casey anthony, what happens to her, unclear when she does walk free, where does she go? david, none of us have thattancer kerry sanders, thank you very much. ann's got a question. >> thinking about this, kerry, when she does leave, if it is a matter of possibly weeks that she does leave the jail, i guess the question might be, sort of, where does she go? and given the amount of anger there is outside that courtroom, how much security does she need?
9:04 am
>> reporter: well, she'll need a tremendous amount of security. would she remain in orange county? i don't know. remember, she lived at home with her parents and her daughter. they had separate bedrooms in that house. she had no visible source of income. in fact, at this point in the trial, she started out with these attorneys but she then was declared indigent and the state paid for her attorneys. so she has no money, other than i think less than $20 and a commissary account in the jail. she will walk out with no money. clearly surrounded by her lead attorney, jose baez, who will continue to represent her. there have been people who have reached out to her through jose baez already and he now has an agent to see if there are any sort of financial opportunities. i'm not sure how you define that whether it's more than something of a book or reality tv show, i just really can define it. i just know that some talk is taking place, numbers thrown around. i think that is probably why the
9:05 am
state artfully in court today said there is a law in florida, they filed a motion to tax casey anthony for the cost of the investigation and the prosecution so that if there is a financial payday for her, they would like to see some of that money to come back to this community that has funded this million dollar-plus investigation and prosecution. >> okay. kerry sanders, thank you very inch. for more legal analysis, savannah. >> i'm joined by star jones. in los angeles, marcia clark, who was lead prosecutor in the o.j. simpson trial and author of "guilt by association." good morning again. >> good morning. >> star, let me start with what may be confusing to some of our viewer. as we know, casey anthony was sentenced to time served for a check fraud conviction a year and a half of her -- total three years in jail. >> a couple of check fraud convictions.
9:06 am
there were three charges. >> some are wondering if the judge is saying she possibly's out by july or august, it sounds like he's crediting time served against these lying to officers convictions as well as the check fraud. explain that. >> i think that all of the charges were pending at the same time. casey anthony selected three charges to plead guilty to before and left the last charges for the rest of the indictment, which is what we just finished the trial. i think the judge is rightfully saying that that part of the indictment may have been served but it does still count towards the time. we're not sure how the calculations are going to work out. did make it a bit confusing. with good time and whatever gain time is, she's look at end of july. >> i know you were watching with us as we herd judge perry today. dangerous to interpret but he was telegraphing how he felt
9:07 am
about the case. he gave her the maximum penalty he could have. >> yes, he did. but i wouldn't call that necessarily something that he's doing to apiece the public or because he's aware of public outrage. he's doing this because he thinks it's the right thing. these were serious lies. these were lies that impeded an investigation into the death of a child, disappearance of a child. these lies likely precluded them from ever getting evidence of cause of death. they were extremely serious, in terms of obstruction of justice. he sentenced her accordingly and i think it was appropriate. >> i agree with marcia 100%. this judge is not some little ma'am by pam by judge. he's a former prosecutor, takes following the law seriously. i didn't hear anybody criticize from the defense or the prosecution bar. i think he worked the way a professional judge does. >> talking about the expense for
9:08 am
law enforcement sent on to use casey anthony's words a wild goose chase because of the lies, that's relevant to another thing the prosecutors in this case are invoking a florida statute that allows them to recoup the cost of investigation and including, according to statute which i read this morning, salaries of the employees who were involved in the search for caylee anthony. as a former prosecutor, those who say the prosecutors are trying to make up for their loss in court, do you think this is justified or vindictive on the part of prosecutors? >> no, i don't think it's vindictive at all. we have the same law in california, to the extent a defendant is convicted did the judge is required to impose certain planneder to restitution fines. those fines in california are really the same thing that they're talking about there, which is intent to recoup some costs of the prosecution of the case. i think it's entirely fair that a defendant be required to bear costs to the extent possible and
9:09 am
to the extent they ever do bay palin them, especially if they go to jail how much we see from that is a different story. if there's any degree to which taxpayer can be relieved of the burden of the prosecutions it's fair that they are relieved of that burden and it's placed on the shoulders of defendant. >> the larger issue here, marcia, and star to you, people are looking for justice. they do not like that this young woman is going walk out of jail, sooner rather than later, some asking -- you've seen the questions on twitter, too -- is there a civil case? who could file it? >> there is the potential of a civil case any time you can identify who the plaintiffs would be. we still have not identified or the public has not who caylee's actual birth father is. that person would have rights, as it relates to this child. if the birth father can be proved by dna analysis, that person or that person's estate, if they're deceased, would have a meaningful wrongful death claim. >> of course, for people at
9:10 am
home, civil case is not about going to jail. it's only about money. you remember the civil case in the o.j. simpson case, absolutely dogged him. he received a judgment and they're trying to collect that money. so people understand the difference. in a civil case, couldn't casey anthony be forced to testify? >> yes. in a civil case, she has no right to refuse -- decline to testify. he can be called to the stand. but she could invoke her fifth amendment rights. i mean, there are ways -- look, she does still have jeopardy here. just because she was acquitted in state court does not mean federal courts could not prosecute her. there's no double jeopardy from being tried in a federal court. i don't see it happen but it is a possibility. >> remember, in the civil case, the standard of proof is very different. >> very much. >> preponderance of the evidene is different than reasonable doubt. >> thank you so much. now, let's get a check of the other stories from natalie
9:11 am
morales at the newsdesk. >> good morning. today at the white house, a high stakes meeting on reducing the deficit. the president hopes the meeting with the house and senate leaders from both parties may lead to a deal within a week or two. the aim is to reduce the deficit while at the same time raising the government's debt limit. part of the roof collapsed at a soccer stadium in the netherlands, killing at least one person, and sending ten others to the hospital. it's not known what caused the collapse, but the stadium was undergoing renovations. one marine has died, five others were injured, after a marine corps helicopter crashed wednesday at california's camp pendleton. the incident is currently under investigation. weather did not appear to be a factor. the hotel maid who accused dominique strauss-kahn of rape is now asking the manhattan district attorney to recuse himself from the case, appoint a special prosecutor. the accuser's lawyer says he believes the d.a.'s office has leaked damaging information to the press.
9:12 am
the end of the don't ask, don't tell policy could come sooner than expected, after a federal appeals court in san francisco ordered the u.s. government to immediately stop enforcing the ban on openly gay servicemen and women. the pentagon says it is complying with wednesday's ruling. oil from he a ruptured pipeline beneath yellowstone river has been spotted as far as 80 miles downstream. people who live near the river raised questions at a meeting last night about possible health risks and how long the cleanup will take. officials say exxon mobil took almost an hour to seal the pipeline after last friday's break, nearly twice as long as it has been disclosed. boston gangster james bulger pleaded not guilty in the murders of 19 people. bulger was arrested last month after 16 years as a fugitive. folger's lawyer denied report is his client has early signs of alzheimer's disease.
9:13 am
a seven hour standoff is over in malaysia. a man held 30 students and teachers captive. police stormed the building and subdued the man. the first deadly attack by grizzly bear since 1986, on wednesday, a man was mauled to death after surprising the female bear and its cubs while the man was hiking with his wife. police in san francisco may have a clue in the theft of a valuable drawing by picasso. grabbed off the wall of an art gallery. pictures from a restaurant show a man carrying a framed piece of art under his arm, moments after the drawing was stolen. it's worth an estimated $200,000. today, royal newlyweds william and kate head to calgary, their first full day of their last trip -- of their trip to canada. wednesday, they visited a small town that had been devastated by wildfires this past spring. tomorrow, meantime, california, here they come.
9:14 am
they are counting down there for sure. 13 past the hour. back over to savannah and maria. >> thank you. a check of the weather from the weather channel's maria larosa, in for al. >> good morning. some areas we've been talking about the drought and the heat. we have the drought go on in florida but getting some relief here. tropical wave moving in, heavy rain possible,bo especially durg the day today especially in southern florida where we could pick up two to three inches of rainfall. and that doesn't bode well for the shuttle launch tomorrow. for the day across the country, a chance of severe storms through the mid mississippi valley and the pacific northwest, heat continues across the southern plains. temperatures over 100 good thursday morning to you. taking a live look at the city of san francisco. looking good. we're losing that cloud bank early. let's take it to your future cast. by about noon today, a mix of sun and clouds. 65 degrees. nice and mild in the city if
9:15 am
that's where you're headed for work. by 4:00 p.m., we lose all the cloud cover. 70 degrees. sunshine over the city. elsewhere, a little bit warm but not quite as warm as yesterday. 85 in los gatos. 3 in san jose and cooling off 85 in los gatos. 3 in san jose and cooling off into the weekends. every step of the process. ded me through the whole experience was amazing! [ tony ] serving those who serve us all... one more way quicken loans is engineered to amaze. one more way quicken loans challenge that thinkin with olay.
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it's clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. [ charlie ] try zinc free super poligrip. you can do this... get the ball, girl. hmmm, you can't do that. but you can do this. bengay pain relief + massage with penetrating nubs plus the powerful pain relief of bengay. love the nubs! members of the jury at casey anthony's trial are shedding in light on the decision to acquit the florida mother of mother. earlier ann spoke to dean ex-stat, one of the alternate jurors and asked how he will react when casey anthony does walk out of jail as a free woman. >> she's freed. verdict came in, she was innocent. that's -- it is what it is. there's nothing more we could do or what we did. >> the -- one of the jurors said
9:18 am
that, quote, there was not enough evidence but that she done think casey is innocent. you used the word "innocent"s she was found not guilty. you think she had nothing do with death of her daughter? >> it's a hard question. she was a liar. she didn't tell the truth most of the time. to actually kill her daughter, i don't think so. i believe she may have had knowledge of the situation, but to actually kill her child, i don't believe it happened. >> what convinces you or makes you believe that she did not kill her daughter? >> her friends, just the way that she -- the videos, of everything that she seemed she took care of her daughter. she seemed look a good mother to me. >> when you heard the argument by the prosecution for 31 days she didn't report her daughter missing she was partying and
9:19 am
galavanting as if she didn't have a care in the world that did not weigh heff heavily on you as evidence she was a bad and not caring mother? >> that that situation, 31 day, that was totally wrong. what she did was unexcusable. i think that falls back on her home life, the situation that she was maybe raised, that whole situation between her and her father, now that is speculation, but i felt that was a big part of maybe her demeanor on just pushing all aside and coming up with her fictional characters and just not facing reality of the situation and running. >> did you take seriously this -- in the open statements by the defense attorney, baez -- this statement that was not discussed then later about molestation? did you take that seriously that weigh -- does that weigh in your thinking here? >> it was not taken away. like, it's definite -- when you hear something you have to take everything into what they say
9:20 am
and figure out if it's the truth or not. it was a hard decision to even think that a father could do that 0-tto his daughter. i really -- if it happened, it happened. >> so in other words, it was something that was impossible to take out of your mind is what you're saying? >> yes, yes. >> the defense attorney was also pretty much sometimes even laughed at, people talked about him as being inexperienced outside the courtroom. you were inside the courtroom. what did the jury, what did you think of him? >> jose baez? >> uh-huh. >> he was unique character. he definitely had his flaws. he -- i would say entertaining, trying to do his job, but sometimes he was on top of his a-game but there was other times he slipped up. but he recovered well. i think he handled himself well. >> what did the jury think of
9:21 am
the prosecution and how they handled this case? >> in my opinion, i think that they were head hunting, just wanted -- they wanted somebody to be found guilty of caylee's death. i don't think that the evidence they showed was efficient enough to make actual guilty charge. >> are some of the jurors now afraid for their safety, given the emotion surrounding this case? >> i don't think so. not the people that i've talked to. just they -- we are upset that people think we're incompetent. it's just -- we made the decision on the law. you can't have emotion in the situation and i think that came down to the final decision, that emotion could not be a factor in the situation. >> some wonder if members of the jury will go on to write book, participate in movie deals in some way benefit financially fromming participated in this. do you think there's any doubt some will? >> yes.
9:22 am
speculation now people are trying it get more money to have an interview, do book deals. that's their prerogative. >> would you do that in. >> no. thises my one and only, this is it. >> that was the alternate juror dean ex-at it. ♪ [ female announcer ] nutri-grain -- one good decision... can lead to another. ♪ ♪ with real fruit, more of the whole grains your body needs, and a good source of fiber. nutri-grain can help you eat better all day. but also a caring touch. you learn to get a feel for the trouble spots. to know its wants... its needs...its dreams.
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9:25 am
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9:26 am
good morning to you. it's 9:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. san francisco police about to talk about the arrest in the theft of a picasso drawing. a man took the drawing from the weinstein gallery in union square. this is actually surveillance video taken from lefty o'doul's restaurant and bar close by. police are set to hold a news conference coming up in just about half hour at 10:00. this morning, oakland's budget hangs in the balance as the police officers vote on a new contract. oakland police officers have till noon today to turn in ballots. the new contract deal could save the city $65 million over the
9:27 am
next three years. the deal would force officers to start paying 9% towards their pension. the oakland a'ss are officially too legit to quit. they'll be awarding a bobblehead doll. emcee hammer worked as a clubhouse assistant for the a's in the '70s and on july 17th will throw out the first pitch in oakland. no word if he's going to wear the parachute fans. the first 15,000 fans at the game will also get a hammer bobblehead doll. this is the first time the rapper has gotten bobblehead honors from major league. 9:27 right now.
9:28 am
good morning to you. we still have some stubborn low cloud cover hugging the coast this morning. that is impacting san francisco's weather. you're going to hit 70 degrees today. as a result of that on shore flow, we're not seeing as much of the monsoonal moisture.
9:29 am
88 degrees. a little bit warm in fairfield. 83 in san jose. and 87 degrees in gilroy. we've got a giants game tonight. one of the thousands on the way to at&t park, bring a jacket with you. we're going to get down to about 60 degrees as the game concludes. 80 degrees by sunday. a nice comfortable weekend. you can make those outdoor plans. we're no longer in the triple digits. back to you, laura. >> thanks. for the latest traffic and news updates check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. i'll have another update for you in about half hour. have a great morning.
9:30 am
free? i'm so happy i don't have nannies, it's harder but i feel so much stronger. >> that is nadya suleman, you may recall she shot to fame when she gave birth to octuplets 2 1/2 year ago. now the 34-year-old single mother of 14 is giving us a glimpse into her very hectic life balancing all of her responsibilities. nadia and the octuplets all are going to be here live in our studio tomorrow on "today" and bringing along her two oldest children who are 10 and 11 to help out on this trip to new york. so that tells me, ladies, we're
9:31 am
going to be needing a much bigger couch. >> are you willing to baby-sit? we may be called in to duty. >> all hands on deck. i think we're good with that. i'm natalie morales, with savanna guthrie. we're joined by maria. >> good to be with you to witness the conclusion of the casey anthony case. >> incredible day. also coming up, a trip we've been following all week, royals in canada, will and kate took that country by storm. greeted like rock stars. now to take our country by storm, heading to california tomorrow. we will have the latest on their plans. >> kate's first trip to hollywood. see what she thinks about it? also our series as we follow the claes of 2020 to high school graduation. heading to the third grade where the students are trading in their pencil and papers for a mouse and keypad in their school work. we'll see all of the fun, we
9:32 am
caught up with them before they went on summer vacation. >> fun in the kitchen. today today's ps tak taco thursday. slow roasted pork, and tacos trimmed chicken and meat. >> you've got takers here. >> we're starving. almost lunchtime. first a check of the weather right now. maria. >> two marias. >> good morning, ladies. as we check the weather for today, a couple of hot spots for showers and thunderstorms. across the southeast, once again in the afternoon, chance for severe weather, northern arkansas, southern missouri and pacific northwest, idaho, damaging winds, hail possible as well. the heat continues to be a big story, through the southern plains tomorrow. slight risk of severe weather stretched into the northern plains. it will be warm across the great lakes and the northeast with a chance of showers and
9:33 am
good morning to you, bay area. we're looking really good. we're losing that cloud cover quickly. it's going to start to break party substantially by about 11:00. 70 degrees in san francisco. 81 in redwood city, 85 degrees in redwood city. all in all, we're losing about five to 10egrees as we head throughout probably today, tomorrow, we're going to continue to drop-off. take a look where we're headed for saturday. 79, 80 on sunday and mid '80s monday and tuesday.
9:34 am
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today marks the final leg of prince william and catherine's tour to the sunny climbs of calf but not before dealing with a stampede. here's nbc's peter alexander. >> reporter: as they got one step closer to california, they stead good-bye to the northwest territories. these rangers seen loading the famous wardrobe, it's caught eyes every step of the way. among those seeing them off, a 6-year-old riley, who always wanted to fly helicopters and idolizes the search and rescue pilot prince. it was supposed to be a day off, chance for royal r&r from the whirlwind tour but the duke and duchess added another stop, bringing comfort to a small town devastated by wildfires this spring. >> look at everybody here. everybody's spirits are lifted right now. no one's worried about their houses, no one's worried about other things. it's right now will and kate. >> reporter: while the destination for the royals' down time was heavily guarded it's
9:39 am
widely speculated the newlyweds would escape here to the canadian rockies near the scenic towns. as william and kate took time to wind down, the city of calgary is gearing up. of course everybody we know the young royals are accustomed 0 a horse or two but today they'll saddle up for the calgary stampede. here they like to say some of the best cowboys are cowgirls. what do you wear for a royal rodeo? >> hope to wear like a big western cowboy hat. >> feel like she would wear a nicer cowgirl dress with boots. >> reporter: from belt buckles to bling, the future king and queen better clean up quickly. an a-list hollywood crowd is wait, nicole kidman, tom hanks, jennifer lopez expected to welcome the wales. peter alexander, nbc news. next, a group of third graders point and click their way to learning as we follow the
9:40 am
class of 2020. ♪ come on everybody ♪ gonna have a good time tonight ♪ come in for a great time at olive garden. enjoy our new carbonara ravioli with chicken for just $10.95. pancetta and parmesan-filled ravioli served with pan-seared chicken in creamy parmesan sauce. ♪ family affair or with sauteed shrimp for $12.95. both with unlimited breadsticks and salad or homemade soup. a great meal sure to end with a smile. olive garden. when you're here, you're family.
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9:44 am
♪ time reveals memories >> on education nation "today" more of our class of 2020 series following the students from the first day in kinder guard tonight high school graduation. reading, writing, arithmetic classroom staples but in third grade teachers are adding technology to their toolbox. >> 70 plus 30 is 100. >> reporter: owen is finishing his math lesson on a laptop. gone are the days of pencils and paper. now, owen is more likely to let his fingers do the work on a
9:45 am
keyboard. >> 40 and 40 makes 80. so that's how you do that one. >> reporter: computers are ain't gral part of the learning process for owen and his classmates. knowing how to use technology is as important as reading and writing for the students. >> it's not like we're doing this for fun or it's cute or gimmicky. there's a correlation between test scores and what it does for kids and learning. >> could you hear us? >> yeah. >> reporter: technology also gives owen a chance to expand his world. >> so the weather today was 47. >> reporter: owen and his classmates skype with another third grade class more than 20,000 miles away in westville, illinois, i 21st version of pen pals. >> we'll talk with a class in illinois the first thing one out of their mouths, do they speak english in illinois? if we could talk to half of the states in a year and have conversations, what a gift that
9:46 am
would be. to be able to give that to them. thank you very much for coming tonight. >> reporter: because computers are playing a bigger role in homework, mrs. hime and another third grade teacher host technology nights to introduce parents to the software. >> your children are digital natives, we're the digital aliens because we were learning when this was coming in to play. >> right click. >> reporter: though owen's mom is computer safby, there's still a learning curve to get her on the same page with his homework assignments. >> as he's learning, i'm learn, which is a good thing. >> sometimes you don't know that stuff. maybe you forgot about it and what we're doing you'll know it again. >> exactly, yeah. we're learning together again. that's right. >> when you done with that, click into the blog. >> reporter: caylee helps owen with his lessons on their laptop at home. >> hi, owen. the last few days in class -- >> reporter: and they city
9:47 am
connected with owen's teacher with a special blog designed for the class. >> e-mail on her blackberry. as quickly as you e-mail her, she will always get your question and she'll be sure to either -- >> write the comment back. >> exactly. >> i found the answer. 4,890. >> reporter: for owen, the internet kekz with his teacher at home build is a stronger connection to lessons at school. >> every time i do something she can comment and i can read it. that's why i think it's nice for her to spend her time for us doing all of this nice stuff. >> technology's the future and this is path na we're moving in. and i think we have to embrace it. >> all right. class of 2020 enjoying a summer vacation. you go guys, have a good time. next, roasted pork tacos.
9:48 am
9:49 am
9:50 am
♪ "today"'s kitchen brought you by ore oath fudge cremes. there's oreo cream under that fudge. >> this morning in "today" kitchen taco thursday. ready to spice it up before the weekend, we've got four taco recipes to die for to give your dinner tonight an extra kick. jimmy bannos, chef oven of heaven in seven restaurants if chicago. >> thanks for having me. >> quite a departure from your usual question seen. usual question seen uses cajun cooking. >> i think it's the flavor, the spice, layering of flavors. it's right on the same path. with that knowledge i have from the new orleans style food i opened up a tacoria in chicago.
9:51 am
we're having a blast. >> these are basically suckling pig tacos, typical mexican different. >> we take a sour orange juice, annato seeds, salt and pepper, puree in a food processer. then take onions, we take -- roast chile peppers. you could do it -- we don't want to do it raw because some of the skin will come off, that's why we roast it. put salt and some bay leafs on this. we take a little bit of the marinade really put it all over there. >> you can ask your local butcher -- you can request this particular cut without the fat from your butch. >> right. you kind of want a little bit of fat. >> for the flavor. >> for the flavor. we put that on there. this also. so it's really nice. let's put it all on there. >> go for it. you use banana leaves instead of
9:52 am
paper foil. >> the banana leaves add sweetness to it. just a little kind of like bitterness toward the end. great flavor. i make all tamales with banana leaves. so good. >> that's the flavor. >> right. >> to the fragrance particularly. >> exactly. now we wrap it like so. at the restaurant we do this, my chef raul does this and puts it on around 9:00 at night at 150 degree, 200-degree overen. how long. >> ten hours. >> ten hours. >> next morning, comes in, it's ready. if you do it at home, marinate it, four hours, 350, you're in good shape. >> preparation is easy but cooks for a while. >> a long time exactly. so we have the towel, the wet towel, damp towel, wrap it, go from here. >> goes with the towel in the oven. >> in the oven.
9:53 am
make sure we of course, wet the towel so it's moist. >> we don't want a fire. >> take it out from here. okay? take the -- let's see how it's soft and pliable. >> it does smell very sweet. >> isn't it great? >> ba flan na leanana leaves wo >> er tortillas. >> corn or flour. >> you can put two on if you want. a little bit here. take some of the pork. then we have pickled onions and a hab bin narrow salsa. really simple. layering it. layering some flavor. pickled onions on there. >> adds color to it as well. >> right. really tasty. >> i was waiting for that.
9:54 am
i was waiting. i have two hungry customers. >> starving. >> starving. >> chicken, right? chicken. >> chicken. >> chicken tacos. >> that's not guacamole? >> no. >> these are shrimp. >> those are serrano avocado salsa. >> better try all. >> jimmy, you are always the best. >> i'll try the very first one. >> the recipes are on our website as always, thank you, jimmy. >> thank you. >> i'm not doing this elegantly. still to come on today, how to sneak mommy time into your busy day. >> that's all after your local news and weather. >> have a great day. >> maria, se
9:55 am
9:56 am
good morning to you. 9:56 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a hearing set for next month after a judge postponed
9:57 am
sentencing in the chauncey bailey murder trial. he wants to know what the lawyer for a key prosecution witness meant when he told reporters his client may have fabricated part of his testimony. defense attorneys for yusef bey iv and anto inmackey say they have a right to move for a new trial. prosecutors are confident an investigation into the matter will not change the verds and sentences. the judge has also ordered three reporters who talked to the lawyer to appear at the hearing. bay and pachy face life in prison without the possibility of parole. let's check the morning commute. it's been a busy morning out there. christina loren is going to look at it for us. >> boy, oh, boy. a traffic snarl like you would not believe this morning. trying to get in and out of the city is virtually impossible right now. we've got a serious, serious crash we told you about earlier. we have video to show you what's left over. what happened was a big rig lost its load. that load was a double wide trailer just one lane was
9:58 am
squeaking by for quite some time the past half hour. as a result, you have delays now. this is eye 80 just before you get to 101. take a look at how slow is moving. we did have a good alternate, that was 280. now 280 is also jammed. you might just be better off postponing travels for another half hour when this crash should be cleared. overall, it does not look good. even the streets now in san francisco are getting backed up. let's take a look at your forecast now. good news in that department. 67 degrees in livermore right now. 59 in hayward and 69 in sunnyva sunnyvale. five to seven degrees cooler than yesterday. if you're waking up in the city, just 70 degrees in san francisco, 81 in redwood city and the cooldown continues into the weekend. >> thanks for the update. for the latest traffic and news updates check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. i'll have another update for you in about half an hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathily and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> it's thursday, july seventh and we are all recently shattered again in different r different ways depending on your outlook about what went on in the courtroom. >> they just had the sentencing if you are watching at 10:00. they said they were going to sentence casey anthony to a year for each count. that amounts to four years. what the judge sort of said in
10:01 am
his conversation was that she could if i heard right get out at the end of july or early august that sort of translates into a few more weeks. they have to do the math for time serve and good time and gained time and all that stuff. >> couldn't they have done that yesterday? >> done the math? >> they could have done that math. >> here's what i found surprising watching it. she is sitting at the table and she looks incredibly disappointed that she wasn't getting out right then and there. i found it surprising given what the penalty could have been had she been convicted on the more serious crimes it was a death penalty case and now it's a questions of months or weeks or days >> they kept saying she might go home today. somebody say what does home mean. ultimately they did. the question is what is home for her now. they are going to be putting her in a safe location so therefore
10:02 am
more resources from the state are going to be used to protect her now even though she has been found not guilty. >> the prosecution and the state wants some of their money back for the wild goose chases and want casey anthony to have to pay for the lies she told that sent them to universal studios and all the things. the judge will decide that later. i think as well. they were trying to pick days and stuff. well, i find the whole thing interesting looking at it. i'm curious what's going to happen >> so many people were upset with the jurors and questioning their intelligence, but juror number three spoke to the media and she changed a lot of people's ideas about the whole thing. first of all she was very articulate and well spoken and believable. >> for you were saying what were the jurors thinking, this woman said it out loud and made some sense. >> she did. let's listen. >> how did she die? if you are going to charge
10:03 am
somebody with murder, don't you have to know how or why they might have killed someone or when, where, why, how. not guilty doesn't mean innocent. >> she said they sobbed because they knew in their minds we are letting a guilty person go free. according to the letter of the law, here's the thing. if i had been a juror and i wasn't in on it, but from what i sensed from it, there was within a shadow of a reasonable doubt. i think whatever you add up the details, it wasn't reasonable doubt even though it was still circumstantial evidence, every bit of it added up to that she killed her daughter. i know what, great system that we have. stack it up against anybody else's and it's still -- >> i see her point. we don't know when she died or how she died >> they agree on the date she died. >> right, but in terms of cause
10:04 am
of death and put case we her daughter. all the things you have to have to show the crime. >> i don't believe she was drowned. >> they don't have a cause of death. they don't know she drowned and how she died. that's the end of that saga. now we will see if -- >> i liked this judge. you may have gotten off the hook, but you are responsible for stuff and if you will pay for them. on the son of sam, you cannot profit for it. people should be held couldable. the state of florida is close to being bankrupt too. whatever she makes for whatever money she receives for services, it should be paid back to the taxpayers >> we are headed on a couple of planes. we stuff to do. >> we are busy. >> we are going to be flying to l.a. for jay leno. >> can't the man get anybody
10:05 am
else to come on the show? what is going on? why do we have to do leno all the time? >> we are flying out to do him on friday and then next week we are flying again, aren't we? >> we are going to montreal and hopefully see you next thursday. we will do a live show and do another show. you are invited to come down to the cartier. >> we love that you are giving us united states of where to eat and what to see. if you have photos of yourself enjoying montreal, we would like to see those and we will put them up during the show. i never have been to montreal. >> it's a gorgeous city and i hope you can speak a little french. >> maybe by then. i will start practicing. >> one more list that hoda and i are not on. >> the highest paid actresses for may 2010 and 2011. during that year. the number on the list is in a tie. angelina jolie and sarah jessica
10:06 am
parker are tied for number one. according to forbes they earned $30 million. this is not just for movies >> that's each. served consecutively. >> this is not just for movies. it's because sarah jessica parker has a perfume line and clothes. >> she is a producer of the "sex and the city" as well. >> jennifer aniston who is in a movie a week and tied with reece witherspoon. they each brought in $28 million. >> tied there. number five, julia roberts earned $20 million. even if the movies don't do well. >> she is an a-list actress. >> this one i found surprising. christian stewart from twilight. $20 million. >> a lot of these kids have a percentage of participation. they were huge movies.
10:07 am
again, this is based on forbes. it was a wonderful magazine. >> magazine. >> however lots of times i know whenever they said something about me or regis or people i know, it has not just forbes, but the media doesn't always get it right. they are based on certain things, but not always. >> katherine heigl is next according to them. then cameron diaz is 18 million and sandra diaz is 15 million and merrill streep is only $10 million this is interesting. >> by the way, i think she is the most gorgeous actress alive. the range on that woman, she can do absolutely anything. >> she is a rock star. here's a question we want to know what you think about this one. this football player played for the dallas cowboys and dating this girl for a while and wanted to propose. she was a former miss texas named brooke daniels >> still is.
10:08 am
>> he decided the way he was going to propose was he was going to put the ring in the mail. >> why not? >> a $76,000 engagement ring. >> insured. >> with a recorded proposal. >> nice guy. he was sent $5,000 for her to pay for some of her schooling. >> i wouldn't like that in my proposal. here's money. >> she asked for it apparently. >> whatever. the bottom line is she got the proposal and got the ring and listened to the proposal and said no. now, what to do with the ring. >> did she keep the money to go to school. let's find out about that too. >> the ring, i guess he wanted the ring back and she said oops, she lost the ring. later it was determined the dad had the ring and said he was sending it back, but hasn't yet. >> he didn't want a lawsuit. he said he will return it. >> if someone proposes to you
10:09 am
and gives you a ring, do you get to keep it if you don't get married? that's the question. i would like to know the answer. >> i think that that constitutes an agreement between you. i will receive this ring and we made an agreement to enter into a legal relationship. i sound like star jones. i have no reason to talk. the point is, yes. i wouldn't want to keep it if i wasn't going to follow-through on my side. it seems wrong to keep something that was supposedly the symbol of your agreement. >> here's the thing. if he proposed to me and i have the ring on and he broke it off, i might keep the ring. in that circumstance. if he broke it off. >> jay, i hope you are listening. >> i said might. i think that you should give it back. if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out. >> love to know what you think. >> what if you were married and
10:10 am
divorced and you have the wedding ring and engagement ring. >> say it again. >> if you get married and divorced after. >> then it's community property and it's yours. i wouldn't want to wear it. >> no i would never wear it. >> hoda thought it was more important yesterday to get her roots done. >> i had to. >> going on leno. >> i would have been mad, but boy did you need to go. >> i went to see with matinee sunday to see baby, it's you. starring the always delightful and talented beth. it's what they call a juke box musical and they use the music where the audience stomps and has a good time. it is based on a very unhappy new jersey housewife and loved music. wanted to follow her passion and discovered the shirelles.
10:11 am
the world's greatest girl group. it was at a great expense of her family. it's based on a true story. modern morality tale. >> speaking of music, i got something for you. here we go. it will be old school. i want you to go back. >> sip your cocktail. >> today is national chocolate day. >> here we go. this is old school close your eyes, thank the spinners. something you can sing along to. >> all right. >> like this. >> games people play. that's what i'm talking about. ♪ know how i'll work all day ♪ ♪ when will i learn memories get in the way ♪ ♪ i walk around i walk around i can't hear a sound ♪
10:12 am
♪ don't see at all gotta get away gotta get away ♪ ♪ i don't know where to go let's hope this -- >> gotta crank it. ♪ we feel alone ♪ when i spend all the day fixing up to go somewhere ♪ ♪ thought i was late and i found she wasn't there ♪ ♪ i will be fine do you have words to all the songs but the ones i bring? get♪ ♪ i don't know where to go -- >> we'll never get to the chord. >> here it comes, here it comes. ♪ civu play
10:13 am
♪ >> all right, i agree with you. good >> i agree with you. good song. it's a special day. >> always a special day because today is special always. it's meredith's. >> meredith reece's birthday. >> we want to wish a very happy happy birthday. not meredith vieira, meredith reece. she is young. we won't say her age, but she's a doll. >> it's national chocolate day. be happy and have chocolate today. next up, we have a very good topic. >> we do. married women with kids are starting to feel like single moms. we will talk about that issue. >> try to put an end to it. >> the summer accessories that turn any outfit into a show stopper. everyone has a story day. 's ckgrt sty. can you toss me a ? your toilet paper shouldn't be too rough.e a ? we're out of toilet paper. can you toss me a roll? your toilet paper shouldn't be too soft.
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10:16 am
>> if you are an overwork and underappreciated mom, you are not alone. when it comes to parenting, it's the moms who feel overwhelmed. >> chief of the and a forbes woman are here with advice. hi, ladies we feel like we are working all day, coming home at night and doing everything. the chores and the cooking and the dishes and it's almost like a single mom is how it was described >> not the equality. >> not any one of us.
10:17 am
i was surprised at how vast the numbers were. >> definitely. 58% of women told us they feel recentful towards their husbands because they are not picking up the slack. >> do the guys think they had a harder day? what is going on? they are entitled to the news and the beer? >> it's a misinterpretation that being home all day or eating bon bones. >> getting our nails done. >> they tallied up the work a mother does, we should be making $120,000 a year. it's exhausting. understand the guy is exhausted too, but the mothers feel guilty and we don't want it hand over the responsibilities. >> we are talking about the mothers out working outside. >> they are bringing home more than half of the income and still taking on the lion's share of parenting and household duties. >> it's a matter of educating
10:18 am
our guys and thank god i don't have the problems. frank is helpful, but a lot of women don't. what do we do? >> it's hard to approach them. >> for doesn't help to say hey jerk first. >> the moms just want the guys to figure it out without having to say anything and recentful they are not thinking of it. >> they can't read minds. >> you need to create a definitive list. it's a business you are the hr person for your households. what are the tasks? divide them up and make it clear what is to be done >> is he going to die when he sees a list of things to do? >> that's a great police to start. when he sees the list. >> how do you think about approaching your husband? although they are not mind readers, can't they see you are doing the dishes and cooking the meals? >> they don't. a good piece of advice is to start with asking them what they would like to do rather than
10:19 am
dictating. the honey do lists. >> be honest that you feel overwhelmed and exhausted. he is doing what the man has always done in our culture. we are the ones that broke through and wanted the equality. we have to let them know what we need. >> the challenges is there a lot of martyrdom among the moms. we don't want to give up and women think they can do it better. >> to find out what each person is good at. if he's a better cook than you are -- >> what about unloading the dishwasher. >> one of the biggest turn ones for women were men who were doing chores. >> leans over a sink. >> it goes both ways. men and women found when the other than person was getting in there making stuff happen it made them feel more attracted to
10:20 am
one another. >> it's the investment you are making into not just your relationship, but your home. >> that's the basis for everything. no matter what the family is that listened, the home is a very, very good place. >> the dangerous part is many feel recentful and many feel like they never get a break and they have to ask. >> at 6:00 i am going out for my girlfriends for drinks and i need you home to do xyz and i made you a list. >> i need you home and you made you a list. okay. >> you deserve what you get, hoda. >> up next, sarah will show you a web-tested video. the best way to designle. e a vacation on a budget with expedia. make it work. booking a flight by itself is an uh-oh. see if we can "stitch" together a better deal. that's a hint, antoine. ooh! see what anandra did?
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rembrandt deeply white toothpaste uses the same enamel-safe whitening ingredient dentists use to noticeably whiten teeth from the inside and out. rembrandt deeply white. whiten inside and out. a special series we call web taftic. everybody is talking. what is it? >> this is a video featuring a sleepy cat named layla and a brave bird who tries to interrupt a cat nap. we will see how that turns out. >> dangerous.
10:24 am
>> that bird has a death wish. >> they had the cat for years until they got the birds and just for safety reasons they never leave them unsupervised, but the bird flew away the day after. they put the cat at the base of the tree and he came back. isn't that the cutest thing? >> also the story we will tell you next. we are excited to meet such a terrific guy. >> we are talking about your summer wardrobe with hot accessories. we will have all that. >> after your local news? >> and weather too. it's 9 pm. and the chocolate cravings begin... again. ♪ for nights like these, there's special k chocolatey delight cereal.
10:25 am
♪ so you can get your chocolatey fix... ♪ ...without undoing your whole day. ♪ [ barks ] ♪
10:26 am
good morning to you. 10:26 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. san francisco police have their suspect in the theft of a picasso drawing. they just announced they arrested mark lugo from new jersey for tuesday's theft. police say he flew into the bay area on the fourth of july, took the drawing from the weinstein gallery in union square and acted alone. he was arrested in napa. police say pictures taken everyone security cameras at lefty o'doul's bar close to the gallery were crucial to the investigation as well as taxicab video. the drawing was recovered. taken out of its frame. a central california testing lab is tackling an issue the
10:27 am
government will not touch. it wants to make sure cannabis that ends up at pot clinics is free of pesticides, mold ands because the food and drug administration does not recognize marijuana as medicine. testing costs $110 per sample and usually takes three weeks for results. about half a dozen labs are testing marijuana throughout th southern california. it's 10:27 right now. we'll have a look at weather after this. to
10:28 am
10:29 am
good morning to you. just before 10:29. temperatures are climbing but we're running about five degrees cooler than this time yesterday. 71 in cord. of 1 in novato and for you in the city it, 59 degrees. that's going to make for a cooler day in the city, just 70 degrees as a roubds out the day at 4:00 p.m. 83 in san jose, 85 for fremont. just 74 degrees in oakland. of course, we're going to cool down even more so as we head towards this weekend. if you didn't get to make outdoor plans last weekend because it was oppressively hot, triple digits, even records, this weekend you can. 79 degrees on saturday. 80 on sunday. and even as we start out next week, temperatures are only going to climb a little. 48 by tuesday, wednesday 88 and then we start to level off, keeping temperatures below the 90s through the end of next week. not too bad out there, laura garcia-cannon. not too bad. >> not bad at all.
10:30 am
thank you very much. 10:29 right now. check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. we'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning at 5:00. have a great afternoon. >> bold gold jewelry. we are looking for modern shapes
10:31 am
and architectural belt. that's a real modern look to it. i love this. i am wearing something similar. it takes just a button down and turns it into a stunning outfit. >> what are about the ring? >> you can't bend your finger. pick your nose. >> first of all, $30. beyond that, that's a big concern for you, but -- >> it's a deal breaker. >> there is room for your knuckle in there. i promise you -- >> just use the other finger, kathie lee. >> wenls. those are the most comfortable shoes >> you still get the height and they are comfortable. the detailed wedges and you laid back vibe of a wedge and the boost of detail that makes it so much more interesting. there is a lot of great affordable options these are from payless.
10:32 am
>> aren't those great? >> fantastic. >> this is nine west. this woven detail. >> different textures. >> exactly. this carries you through the summer into fall. >> yes. >> the next trend is the tribal look that has morphed into more of an american indian vibe. this is a trend starting in summer and believe it or not, we see it often in summer. >> you always see it in arizona and out in the western states. >> true, but this is carrying into fall. this necklace from lauren wells is an inspiration. it's $96. i promise you this with the white t-shirt and jeans is a great go to look. >> i can see jill in that. >> it's a strong look. these are from express. if you want to try the trend, that's a great way. >> the feather thing is going strong. >> enough with the feathers. go to vegas. >> it's that sort of hollywood
10:33 am
festival sort of vibe. >> the festival is over. >> i know, but the inspiration lasts. >> cobalt blue. >> this is a big color. the pop color for summer and again, this is carrying into fall. i suggest now all of these cobalt accessories look great even with a white dress. >> or black. >> exactly. >> they are so in. >> you are. >> so in, i'm out. >> this is a great trend even if you invest more, you get your money's worth because it carries through to fall. >> always good info. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. >> up next, everyone has a story and we will honor a man who make you believe in miracles.>> he os ng he is something else. after this.
10:34 am
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10:37 am
. >> time for everyone has a story. tara and doug. >> tara wrote about her very brave husband. before we meet them both, let's give a listen to tara's wonderful letter. >> i can try to explain what it's like to be lucky enough to meet your hero. i am lucky enough to be married to mine. i met doug 17 years ago and he was 32 with stage four melanoma.
10:38 am
our family and friends made it through together. three years later, the melanoma returned and he had a tumor on his brain and spleen. he said i want to come home during christmas and during that time he proposed and i couldn't think of another man in this world i would want to spend the rest of my life with. a few years later, cancer reentered our life. this time prostate cancer he never fell into a depression or any self-pity. doug is the type of guy that everyone adores. he is the most loyal and honest man i have ever met. he is quiet, strong, and to me he is proof that angels do walk among us on earth. the odds said he wasn't going to make it. every researcher and every medical professional said to get our affairs in order, doug came through. his sense of humor answered and
10:39 am
his spirit lifted all of us when we needed it most. he inspired so many people and continues to do so and the amazing thing is he doesn't even realize it. the reason i want to introduce you to my silent hero is to inspire others and show that attitude and love can persevere. in any situation that life throws your way. doug showed me that life-changing experiences can be speed bumps. sometimes when you need to slow down enough to appreciate the small things in life that are truly important. i have no idea what i did to deserve him as my husband, but i thank got every day he is. >> i wonder why we picked that letter. so good to see you here with us >> what a love story by the way. the love you guys share, you had only known doug for two months and heard about the diagnosis. >> a lot of people would run.
10:40 am
>> a lot of people would. tell me your reaction. >> it wasn't even an option. it was something i knew. he was part of my life and needed to be there for him and i needed him to be there for me. he was just -- i knew then and there i was going to be with him forever. >> you didn't know at the time how long forever may last. >> it didn't matter. i needed to be with him as long as i could. >> none of us know. >> six minutes, six months, 60 years. i wanted to be there. >> it's hard for anyone to hear a cancer diagnosis once. the idea of hearing it twice is difficult to handle and a third time is almost unimaginable to me. how did you continue to keep your spirits up and inspire people through that? >> with my wife supporting me all the way and friends and family, it wasn't that hard. it was easy. i had a lot to go on. >> did you ever feel -- i know i felt scared initially. were you fearful or did you
10:41 am
think -- >> the first time, yes. scared. the second time with the brain, i didn't have any time. i had a seizure. didn't have much time. the prostate, scared again. >> tell us the state of your health now? >> everything is clean and cancer-free right now. check ups four or five times a year >> you recently found out another member of your family is facing cancer. >> we are going it take care of that too. >> we do this. >> you mentioned he is inspiring people he doesn't even realize he is inspiring. tell us about that. >> for instance, his doctors said you know something, that is part of the reason we get up and do this every day. he is walking around and healthy. we know that cancer is not an automatic death sentence. you are not a statistic until the game is finished. >> did you tell your husband you were writing the letter?
10:42 am
>> you did? how did you find out? obviously on the phone, but what did you think when you heard the news you would be on the show? >> i don't know if i can take off work. >> i'm a busy guy. i have stuff to do. >> we are excited for your health and i can't wait to hear this song. >> my friend is here today and a fabulous singer and actor. he is in a show called million dollar quartet right now. when i sat down and wrote the lyrics on the plane last time we were going out someplace, it donned on me that the first letters in hero is her. i want to surprise you a little bit because you thought you were writing about your husband, but if he had written the letter, he would say the reason i got through it is her. you did that just now. you confirmed that and i'm excited about that.
10:43 am
when we come back after a commercial, you will hear the song that david friedman and i have written for you guys called "her " [ elevator bell dings ]
10:44 am
ugh, great. you may be going up, but those roots are bringing you down! try root touch-up by nice 'n easy. to extend the life of your color. nice 'n easy has 50% more shades, so you can find your seamless match. with root touch-up by nice 'n easy. didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. and try our deliciously refreshing v8 v-fusion + tea.
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10:46 am
10:47 am
. we are back with everyone has a story honoring tara and doug. >> time for you guys to hear the song david and i wrote for you. welcome broadway performer and dear friend singing, "her." ♪ she thinks that i am a hero ♪ she tells me all the time ♪ but i know what i really am
10:48 am
♪ i know that i'm ♪ just grateful for every hour, every day ♪ ♪ grateful for every friend along the way ♪ ♪ grateful for every blessing that's for sure ♪ ♪ but the thing that i'm most grateful for ♪ ♪ is her ♪ she thinks that i'm an angel ♪ ♪ she tells me all the time ♪ you know what i really am ♪ instead ♪ you know that i'm ♪ just happy for every morning
10:49 am
i'm still here ♪ ♪ happy for every season, every year ♪ ♪ happy that things are better than they were ♪ ♪ and that makes no one happier than her ♪ ♪ she says i inspire others ♪ but she inspires me ♪ to be a better man than i thought i could ever be ♪ ♪ that's why i am thankful ♪ that she's always in my life ♪ ♪ thankful that she chose to be my wife ♪ ♪ thankful that whatever trials there were ♪ ♪ she's the one to answer ♪ when despair knocked at our door ♪ ♪ saying honey just remember instead ♪ we've been through this
10:50 am
before ♪ ♪ this is just a speed bump meant to slow us down ♪ ♪ the things that are important are the love and you and me ♪ instead ♪ i would be lost without her because one thing i know for sure ♪ ♪ the hero is in me, the hero is her ♪ >> beautiful! >> yes. >> we will be back with more "today" on nbc. >> that was excellent.
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
. we are back with everyone
10:54 am
has a story. jimmy performed her for tara and doug. always composer david friedman and david wild man there on the keyboards. >> i have to say, i love all the songs you guys do, this one in particular, there was something about it. tell us what you guys thought of this song. >> i'm speechless. i was crying. i can't stop crying. it was the most heart felt, beautiful song. >> all the lyrics were true and just beautiful. >> it's because you wrote a gorgeous letter. people should know when they write the story, give us something to work with. give us a phrase. you had so many. i tried to get them all in the song. it surprised her too. it wasn't about him, it was about you. >> how about that singer? how about jimmy? you rocked it. yeah, baby. you are a million dollar
10:55 am
quartet. >> we are getting ready to start back up off broadway july 28th. come out and see the show. >> he is also playing george with me on another project i'm working on. >> you are busy. you don't like to give presents. >> we love it. our friends at the claremont hotel heard about your story and wanted to give you a weekend get away that includes a two-night stay and breakfast and two spa treatments at the spa claremont and dinner at the restaurant and bar and cafe. >> you have a weekend love get away. a little spa. >> you are being honored in october? >> correct. october sixth, the research foundation. >> you are just about to lose it now. finally. >> it takes guys a little longer. >> october 6 at the edison ballroom. >> somebody will have to sing that song there. >> let's hope so. >> maybe i will take the night off.
10:56 am
>> that was a great song. >> love you guys. >> going back to hollywood? >> doing what you do. david friedman's book is in korean and hebrew. >> we have a lot coming up tomorrow. kevin james in the house. >> a big new movie called zookeeper. >> ambush makeover and over to see jay leno. >> here can't do the show without us. >> he can't get it. bye, everyone. >> thank you.
10:57 am
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